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5 Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos in Your Home.

Your family photos hold some of your most precious memories with those you love, which is what makes them the perfect possessions to decorate your home with. While you can always go the traditional route of setting frames on an entry table or mantle, there are plenty of other creative ways to display your family photos throughout your home.

Draw some inspiration and take a look back in time with these five photo design tips.

1. Gallery wall

If you have a photo printer and a stack of photographs ready to be displayed, a gallery wall is a great option. Gallery walls, marked by their unique formations, funky frames, and modern maximalism, are a fantastic way to fill your walls with your favorite moments.

All you’ll need to get your gallery started is:

  • Ample wall space
  • A level
  • Damage-free photo hanging hooks
  • Thrifted frames in various sizes OR a set of matching frames for a more cohesive look
  • A creative vision

There are several different ways you can approach your gallery wall. You can keep it simple and symmetrical by hanging just a few photos side by side — this is great for a minimalist take. You could place your printed photos on a floating shelf.

Or, you can go for the signature gallery wall look and hang a bunch of mismatch photos in an artful way. The great part about gallery walls is you get to watch your creative vision and your personal style blend in a really cool way.

2. Holiday ornaments

If you’re looking for a fun and festive project that also counts toward your Christmas shopping, look no further.

One of the most special aspects of the Christmas season is the time you get to spend reflecting on the holiday’s past. From first Christmases to new engagements and visits from Santa Claus, there are so many special memories to commemorate, so what better way than to DIY your own Christmas ornaments?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Photos
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Felt to shape ornaments
  • Ribbon to hang
  • Glitter, acrylic paint, and sequins to decorate your ornament

The best part? You can get the kids involved in this craft too! Give them each one or two family photos to make their very own ornament with. Each year, you can have them hang their special ornament on the tree.

3. Mantlepiece memories

For a romantic, rustic look, consider placing your family photos on your mantelpiece. Accent your images with candles, dried flowers, and seasonal garland for an ever changing, beautiful display.

Note: If your mantle is a focal point of your home, consider having your family photos taken professionally. Black and white and sepia tone photos look especially stunning!

4. Family fridge

There’s nothing quite so cozy and comforting than a fridge full of family photos. From graduation photos to engagement announcements and Christmas cards, it’s like a living monument for your loved ones. To add a funky twist to your display, mix in some artsy magnets within your magnetic gallery wall.

Show off each person’s personality by picking out one magnet to represent each member of your family, select magnets from places you’ve traveled to, or add monogrammed magnets for a minimalist, polished aesthetic.

5. Create a cool collage

Collages are one of the best ways to fit in a bunch of images in one place in a strategic and artful way. You can create categorized collages to mark each year, make one for every family holiday, or combine all of your favorite moments together. The choice is really up to you, which makes it such a fun and rewarding project.

Use a user-friendly photo design program to help you build the layout, add lettering and digital frames. Once you have it all organized, you can save the draft, download the highest resolution, and print according to your sizing needs.

Parenting ProTip: Collages also make great gifts — just print out a smaller version, frame it, or put it into a scrapbook!

Final notes

Displaying your family photos should not only yield an aesthetically-pleasing result, but it should be a fun process as well! Use these tips as a guide to help you find the perfect pictures and creative vision to put your photos on display.

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