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Custom Printing Vinyl Stickers – Some Pro Tips to Know

Over many years now, we see various types of custom printed vinyl stickers. Suppose you want to custom print your logo or personalized message to be displayed on your vehicle or storefront. In that case, it is possible to use the vinyl sticker printing options to actualize it. There are many modern techniques on how to take advantage of vinyl printing robotic machines and methods to get the best quality products. You can think of any vibrant colours and ensure the top-quality material for printing. When it comes to the need for printing, here are some important considerations to make.

1. The CMYK colour processing

When it comes to the need for a custom printing of vinyl stickers, you need to consider whether you are working with a process colour and which all primary colours you are combining for it. The primary colours are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. By mixing these, you can create any possible colours. To make these shades of orange, for example, we can create some small magenta dots and once it is dry, paint it with a yellow link. This way, you have many smart short-cuts to print any imaginable colours onto vinyl stickers.

Pantone printing on vinyl stickers

If you are looking for exact colour reproduction in case of custom vinyl stickers or if you must get a big area to match the exact colour, you can try out the Pantone (PMS) mode. With this, you can match the exact desirable colour in sticker printing. This is a more precise approach but also more expensive compared to the other modes. This also has higher labour and add-on costs, and based on the sticker size and quantities, and the cost may go huge.

Choosing the most appropriate colour values

Choosing the most precise colour is the primary choice of anyone trying to print a logo or a custom brand message onto a vinyl sticker. Here, many standards are followed as a light shade may use smaller quantities of the processing colours and hardest to balance. You should also remember that while designing full-colour stickers, the CMKY values are mostly under 10%, which may get lost on the screen. So, ideally, you should keep these either 0% or 10%. Usually, the CMKY values set under about 10% may get lost on being displayed on the screen, and ideally, these should be kept at the desirable range as mentioned above.

Optimum CMYK for black

Black is not blank. In CMYK, it consists of cyan, yellow, and magenta. We can mix these four colours and achieve the black effect. It will make you the richest and most durable black. The pro designers can use this combination to give a better finish to eh customer artwork. In an optimum black mix, it is usually 100% cyan, 85% of magenta, and about 85% yellow, plus 100% Black, i.e., (C-100 M-85 Y-85 K-100)

With the use of all these simple tips and tricks, you will be able to come up with the best quality stickers.

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