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Cute Pastels for Cruise Wedding – Brilliant Ideas for Stunning Bridesmaid Dresses

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The wedding is surely the dream event of your life. It is after all the celebration of the union of two souls that will stay together “in sickness and in health”. So, obviously, the celebration should be a grand one. Now, everyone has their own planning and expectations from the day. Some might think of renting a great hall, while some may go to a mountain top to tell the world that finally, they are the king and queen of their dreamland. And some can surely take it to a few notches higher on the scale of luxury, sophistication, and class by hiring a wedding cruise in Riviera Maya. Are you one of them who is already thinking of tying the knot while being surrounded by the blue waves of the sea when breeze, sun, seals, and dolphins witness your celebration of love? If yes, then there are a lot of things that you have to plan, not just your look but the dresses of your bridesmaids as well.

Those days are long gone when the bridesmaids used to wear similar clone-like flimsy dresses that were easily available in local stores. Now, there is a lot of planning involved behind the dresses for the team of girls. So, when you are planning a cruise wedding, there are some beautiful pastels by that you can choose for bridesmaid dresses.. Wondering, what are those shades I am talking about? Take a look at the following points.

Romantic Mint

Mint is surely a romantic shade that can add a touch of elegance to any dress. The colour itself is soft and soothing that is perfect to make your dear girls look stunning in a sophisticated way. Choose dresses in chiffon and tulle for this colour. They will perfectly complement the white wedding gown you are going to wear.

Bashful Coral

Imagine your dear girlfriends on the deck, with flowers in their hands, and the sea breeze playing with their hair making them blush. Don’t you think that they would look like a vision if they wear something that will match their blush? Choose stunning coral dresses for your bridesmaids.  They will not only suit any type of skin tone but also will perfectly bring out the feminine charm from the attire.  Opt for a classy material like lace or chiffon. It will certainly make your beautiful bridesmaids look absolutely stunning.

Rich Lilac

When we are talking about pastels, a rich lilac dress can easily find its way to your wedding, right? Classy, youthful and charming, lilac is known for flattering any complexion. So, choosing lilac dresses for your bridesmaids will make them happy. Start looking for purple bridesmaid dresses and you will find some amazing designs in chiffon, silk, and tulle. In fact, if your bridesmaids are thinking of becoming a bit bolder then they can opt for sheer or thigh high slits. A little game of peek-a-boo will be perfect to perk up the oomph factor in their attires.

So, now start shopping by keeping these shades in mind. Needless to say, your cruise wedding will be the most cherishable memory you will ever have. And of course, the photos will make you smile in years to come.

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