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Diwali Decoration Ideas 2024: Decorate Your Home In Low Budget

Embark on a journey of creativity and resourcefulness this Diwali with our curated Decoration Ideas for 2024, tailored to transform your home into a festive haven without breaking the bank. This guide unveils a myriad of budget-friendly approaches, emphasizing the beauty that can be achieved through simplicity. Explore the allure of paper flowers, the artistry of rangoli, and the enchantment of Diwali lights—all crafted with affordability in mind. Find here tips to Decorate Your Home In Low Budget

In the spirit of making this festival accessible to everyone, these ideas not only showcase your artistic flair but also foster memorable moments with loved ones. Discover how a modest budget can still yield a rich tapestry of Diwali decorations, turning your home into a radiant space that reflects both creativity and togetherness. Get ready to celebrate the Festival of Lights with charm, ingenuity, and a touch of frugality.

Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali 2024

Diwali, a significant Hindu festival, is renowned for the elaborate decoration of houses. However, budget constraints often pose challenges to this tradition. In this article, we present some low-budget Diwali decoration ideas that will enhance the beauty of your home without straining your finances.

Easy Home Decoration Ideas on Diwali:

Explore the simplicity and elegance of Easy Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali. From charming diyas to subtle rangoli designs, these accessible decor concepts add a touch of festivity to your space with minimal effort. Embrace the joy of effortless decoration and let the spirit of Diwali shine through every corner of your home.

1. Diwali Decoration With Colorful Lamps:

Illuminate your home the traditional Diwali way—with lamps of various sizes and colors. Beyond brightening spaces, these lamps symbolize love and peace, embodying the spirit of the festival. A timeless tradition, they not only bring radiance but also evoke the essence of Diwali—ushering in joy, togetherness, and the triumph of good over evil.

2. Diwali Decoration With Colorful Arch Of Flowers:

Enhance the festive ambiance by incorporating huge, colorful arches made of flowers. These torans, whether adorned on walls or installed at the main entrance, create a peaceful and joyful atmosphere within the house. The vibrant blooms and intricate designs of torans not only add a touch of traditional elegance but also signify prosperity and welcome positive energies into your home during the celebratory season of Diwali.

3. Wooden Artificial Wall Decoration In Diwali:

Decorating the house with artificial wood materials is another great idea. By using wooden panels, platforms and floating shelves, you can decorate your home with a modern and artistic approach. These can be decorated by painting them in different colors or matching the rest of your home’s decor.

4. Diwali Decoration With Modern Wall Art:

You can decorate the walls of your home by using modern wall art such as wall paper, wall stencils, or wall art. This will make the atmosphere of your home look modern and special.

5. Diwali Decoration With Rangoli Design:

Rangoli Design is a traditional Indian art form often used to decorate homes for Diwali. You can make rangoli designs with colored rice, sand, or flower petals. You can also use stencils to create more intricate designs.

6. Diwali Special Theme Decoration:

Choosing a particular theme can make your home decor even more unique. By choosing themes like Mughal architecture, vintage, or floral theme, you can design your home decor based on the same theme. This will focus your home decor on a single theme and give it a special interest and flavor.

7. Diwali Decoration with Paper Craft Art:

Transform your home into a uniquely adorned space with papercraft creations. Crafting flowers, lamps, rangoli, and other decorative items from paper materials can add a special touch to your decor. Embrace the versatility of paper crafting to infuse your home with personalized and budget-friendly ornaments. Whether it’s vibrant paper flowers, intricately designed lamps, or innovative rangoli patterns, these handmade creations not only showcase your creativity but also contribute to a distinct and charming atmosphere in your home. Dive into the world of papercraft to make your living space truly special during festive occasions.

8. Diwali Decoration with Charming Lanterns:

Charming lanterns will bring goosebumps to your home. You can create a unique and attractive atmosphere by decorating lanterns made of paper, metal, or glass in different parts of the house. You can put them on the walls or use them to decorate the interior of the house. These can also be used to connect to lights, making them look even more attractive at night.


9. Diwali Decoration With Goluk And Lamp:

Decoration of Goluk and lamps is very important on the occasion of Diwali. You can especially decorate the Goluk with live flowers or personalized lights. You can make the lamps even more attractive by wrapping them in colorful sheets. On the night of Diwali, the glow of lamps and the peace of Goluk will further enhance the decoration.

10. Diwali Decoration With Paper Flowers:

Flowers made of paper add a great touch and liveliness. Make paper flowers of different colors and decorate them on the walls, on the stage, or in the pond. This will make your home especially colorful and filled with love.

11. Diwali Decoration with Rangoli and Diwali Toran:

Making Rangoli is a major traditional activity of Diwali. Make rangoli in the ground near the house or on the sides of the walls. Enhance their uniqueness by decorating them with colors and flowers. Diwali Toran can also enhance the beauty of your door. Include colored papier, leaves and thread.

12. Diwali Decoration with Diwali Lights:


You can increase the brightness of inexpensive Diwali lights by decorating them in different parts of the house. Decorating lights on walls, near windows, or in the garden will make your home look dazzling at night.

13. Diwali Decoration With Balloons:

Infuse a delightful atmosphere into your home with colorful balloons. Whether decorating inside or outside, these vibrant additions bring a sense of joy and playfulness that perfectly complements the Diwali season. Adorn your living spaces with balloons to create a festive and celebratory ambiance. Their versatility allows for creative arrangements, adding a touch of whimsy to your Diwali decorations. Embrace the simple yet cheerful presence of balloons to elevate the overall mood of your home during this auspicious festival.

14. Diwali Wishes Board:

Create a captivating Diwali focal point by taking a large board for wall placement or as an entryway accent. Craft a festive message like “Happy Diwali” in an attractive font. Adorn the board with sparkling Diwali lights and paper flowers for added charm. Personalize the decoration by inscribing your special wishes on the board, infusing your home with a unique and heartfelt touch. This DIY approach not only adds a celebratory spirit to your space but also serves as a warm welcome to guests during the festival.


15. Diwali Decoration With Wall Painting:

Infuse your home with a special and artistic ambiance by creating unique wall paintings. Explore diverse techniques like wood carving, art folding, or aristocratic painting to adorn your walls with personalized masterpieces. This creative endeavor not only adds a distinctive touch but also imparts a sense of individuality and elegance to your living spaces. Transform your home into an art gallery, where each painting tells a story and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. Embrace the beauty of handcrafted wall art to make your home a canvas of creativity and expression, reflecting your unique style during the festive season and beyond.

16. Diwali Decoration With Floor Cushions And Table Mats:

Enhance the cozy charm of your home by placing vibrant cushions and table mats on the floor. Personalize your space by crafting these items yourself, either by repurposing old clothes into new designs or creating them from scratch. DIY cushions and table mats not only add a pop of color but also infuse your home with a touch of handmade warmth. This creative endeavor not only allows you to showcase your crafting skills but also brings a sense of individuality and creativity to your living spaces, making your home uniquely yours during the festive season.

17. DIY Diwali Cards:

Express your Diwali wishes uniquely by crafting DIY Diwali cards. Unleash your artistry and creativity on paper, designing personalized cards that carry your heartfelt greetings. Handmade Diwali cards not only add a personal touch but also showcase the effort and thoughtfulness put into each creation. Sending these crafted cards to friends and family becomes a memorable way to extend warm wishes, making the festival of lights even more special and personal.

18. Make DIY Diwali Gifts:

Celebrate Diwali uniquely by sharing thoughtful DIY gifts with friends and family. Consider crafting soothing soaking bags, aromatic oils, handmade soap, or delectable homemade treats. These personalized gifts not only showcase your creativity but also add a personal touch to the festive exchange. Embracing the spirit of Diwali, these handmade offerings become tokens of love and warmth, making the celebration even more meaningful and cherished for your loved ones.

19. Diwali Special Dishes:

Elevate your Diwali celebration by preparing homemade delicacies like Gulab Jamun, Laddu, Barfi, and Chikki. Sharing these delectable treats with members of the household not only adds a sweet note to the festivities but also creates a sense of warmth and togetherness. The aroma of these special Diwali dishes fills the home with joy, enhancing the spirit of the festival. Embrace the tradition of sharing homemade sweets, making your Diwali celebrations not only delicious but also a memorable and heartwarming experience for everyone involved.

20. Flower Decoration On Table In Diwali:

Enhance the beauty of your home by adorning tables with flower decorations. Achieving a stunning look is affordable—purchase flowers inexpensively from the market and creatively arrange them on your tables. The simplicity of this gesture not only adds elegance to your home but also infuses it with a natural and refreshing ambiance. Embrace the art of flower decoration to create a visually appealing and budget-friendly centerpiece, transforming your living space into a charming haven during the festive season.

21. Diwali Decoration With Natural Elements:

Utilize the beauty of nature to adorn your home for Diwali with flowers, leaves, and branches. Whether collected from the outdoors or purchased from the local market, these elements bring a touch of natural elegance to your decor. Arrange them creatively in vases, bowls, or baskets to add a refreshing and festive ambiance. Consider hanging them from ceilings or walls for a unique and visually striking display. Embracing the simplicity of natural elements not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also connects it with the tranquility of the outdoors during the celebratory season.

22. Diwali Decoration By Reusing Old Items:

Unlock your creativity by repurposing old bottles, jars, and cans into charming candle boxes, vases, and planters. Transform discarded items into unique, eco-friendly decor pieces that add character to your home. Additionally, breathe new life into old clothes by crafting diya covers, tablecloths, and curtains. This sustainable approach not only contributes to a more eco-conscious lifestyle but also results in personalized and cost-effective decorations for your home during Diwali. Embrace the art of upcycling to make your living space both visually appealing and environmentally friendly.

23. Diwali Decoration with DIY Decorative Items:

Discover the joy of DIY Diwali decorations using basic supplies. Craft paper lanterns, diya holders, and rangoli designs effortlessly, adding a personal touch to your festive decor. These simple yet creative projects not only showcase your artistic flair but also make for meaningful and cost-effective decorations. Dive into the world of easy, homemade Diwali decor to infuse your home with a sense of accomplishment and creativity during the Festival of Lights.

24. Diwali Decoration With Light Curtains:

Adorn your windows with the festive allure of light curtains, creating a beautiful ambiance. Explore a variety of colors and styles available in the market, or unleash your creativity by crafting your own light curtains using fairy lights and string lights. This DIY approach not only allows for customization but also adds a personal touch to your Diwali decorations. The gentle glow of light curtains transforms your windows into enchanting focal points, enhancing the overall festive atmosphere within your home. Illuminate your living spaces with this elegant and imaginative window decor during the Festival of Lights.

25. Diwali Decoration With Floating Candles:

Create a simple yet elegant ambiance in your home with floating candles—an effortless and charming Diwali decor idea. Place floating candles on water-filled vases or bowls for an enchanting effect. Elevate the display by decorating the vase or bowl with flowers, leaves, or other natural elements. This minimalist yet captivating arrangement not only adds a touch of serenity to your space but also enhances the festive atmosphere during Diwali. Embrace the beauty of simplicity with floating candles, making your home a haven of tranquility and light during the celebration.


This Diwali, explore creative and budget-friendly ways to adorn your home. Dive into the charm of paper flowers, the elegance of rangoli, and the warmth of Diwali lights, all of which can transform your space without straining your wallet. These affordable materials not only provide an attractive decor but also offer a self-sufficient and delightful experience.

Engage in crafting these decorations, not just as a creative expression but as a means to spend quality time with family and friends. The joy derived from these budget-friendly ideas extends beyond aesthetics, turning moments of creation into cherished memories. This Diwali, let your home shine with both creativity and the warmth of meaningful connections.


How to decorate a house in Diwali on a low budget?

Transform your home economically with Diwali decorations using materials like paper flowers, rangoli, and affordable Diwali lights. These budget-friendly ideas allow for attractive and self-sufficient decor without straining your finances.

How to design a home for Diwali?

Infuse your home with Diwali spirit by combining traditional and modern aesthetics. Focus on well-lit spaces with a variety of lighting fixtures, incorporate cultural motifs, and rearrange furniture for a fresh layout. Add vibrant colors, textiles, and traditional artifacts to create a festive ambiance.

How to decorate a wall on Diwali?

Adorn your walls with captivating decorations such as torans, tapestries, or Diwali-themed artworks. Outline the edges with string lights for a mesmerizing effect. Temporary decals or rangoli stickers can add a striking dimension, creating a festive atmosphere that complements the celebration.

How to decorate an empty wall for Diwali?

Transform an empty wall into a festive focal point by hanging torans, tapestries, or Diwali-themed artworks. Add string lights for a radiant touch and consider temporary decals or rangoli stickers to infuse a striking and temporary dimension to the empty space.

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