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Designing An Engagement Ring That Will Complement Your Future Wedding Ring

If you are preparing for your engagement and are a forward-thinking person who wants a matching engagement and wedding ring, now is the time to start thinking about ring design. If you choose your engagement ring without giving a thought to matching the wedding ring, there is a chance that this will be a difficult task to accomplish and if you have decided to customise the engagement ring, you can make sure that the design is in line with the planned design of your wedding ring. Find here – Designing An Engagement Ring That Will Complement Your Future Wedding Ring.

Calculate Your Budget

As soon as you start talking to a custom jeweller, they will want you to at least give them a ball-park figure, as this determines the range regarding diamonds and other precious stones. One must be realistic. If you want a fancy pink Argyle diamond as the central stone, you’ll need deep pockets, and the custom jeweller is able to source loose stones at wholesale prices, which can save you a lot of money.

Choosing A Custom Jeweller

If you are located in Australia, we recommend you contact the top engagement ring designer in Sydney who can help you choose the right design that will match your planned wedding ring design. Always read the online reviews when looking to commission a diamond ring, as this will bring you peace of mind, knowing that you are dealing with a professional. Also, with the help of jeulia coupons, you can get good deals on jewlery items from Jeulia.


Think Match

Even though your wedding ring has yet to come into existence, now is the time to think about the match. Tell the custom jeweller that you wish to have matching engagement and wedding rings and the latter design can be outlined at this early stage. The custom jeweller can create 3D images of both rings, so you can see for yourself how the two will look when on your finger. This is something the jeweller has extensive experience with. You aren’t the first person to design both rings at the same time and it’s a great feeling knowing that the two most important pieces of jewellery will look great together.

Talk Stones, Settings, Cut & Metal

Remember that you are talking about both rings and if you commission the wedding ring at the same time at, for example, you will save even more money that can be used for other costs. Among those are the bones of the ring. You need to decide on the stones (diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings), the setting, and the diamond cut. You also have a choice between gold and platinum for the band. Of course, gold comes in several forms such as rose, yellow, and white. Platinum, on the other hand, is extremely hard and does not tarnish, making it a popular choice.

Twin ring design is the best solution and when you approach a leading jeweller near you, mention that you are looking to create a pair of engagement-wedding rings and take it from there.

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