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Nowadays pollution & heat are the main causes for hair fall in every second person. Be it man or woman, no one is left untouched by its fury. To blow your stress away & get you rid of this major hair issue, we’re up with a few suggestions that you should mug up to fetch the best results in order to abate the problem of hair fall.

Starting with the Don’ts

• Don’t use too much heat on your hair
• Don’t comb wet hair.This would not cause breakage
• Don’t tie your hair too tight
• Don’t use harsh chemicals in guise of commercial shampoos and conditioners 
• Don’t eat junk, as it can’t provide any hair friendly nutrient to your body.

It wouldn’t be any wrong in saying that the word ‘natural’ is synonymous to quality and strength. Natural things have their power to heal. So, similarly, your hair should be treated with the goodness of nature. There are hundreds of suggestions in the market but a few of them are really useful.

So let’s just jump into the Do’s to bid adieu to hair fall problem forever

• Always use heat protection before styling your hair. It would add a protection shield against heat onto your hair. However, try to limit using heating tools much often.
•  Let your hair air dry, a blow dryer isn’t good always.
• Always prefer to use organic and herbal shampoos and conditioners
• Always use serum after shampoo.
• Shampoo your hair thrice a week with a gentle cleanser
• Always oil and detangle your hair before hair wash.
• Use silk pillow covers, satin hair bands.
• Make your game up with organic hair masks. At least twice a week.

As we all know Deyga has been the talk of the town in terms of natural haircare range. The extract and goodness of nature is being packed in a jar or bottle. The haircare range of Deyga has a lot to explore.

Deyga Hair mask

 The benefits of using the Organic hair mask is it helps in conditioning, maintain the health of hair follicles, enhances hair growth and makes it more manageable.

Deyga Hair oil

Deyga hair oil helps to promote the growth of thick and healthy hair, provides with luster and shine. As it is a natural product, it is suitable for all hair types.

Deyga serum

The Deyga’s hair serum acts as a protective covering to the hair shaft. The essential oils present in the serum helps to promote healthy hair growth and it also stimulates hair, from root to tip, and leaves the scalp healthy. The oil also helps to avoid dryness and irritation of the scalp.

Deyga shampoo bar

The organic shampoo bar is Sulphate free, parabens free and it is vegan. This bar deals with dryness, repair damaged hair and split ends. It restores the moisturizer and makes it more manageable. The shampoo bar is crafted with all-natural ingredients which makes it a unique bar for the perfect addition to your hair care regime.

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