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Dove Deodorant Body Spray For Women: An Honest Review

With the onset of summer, deodorants seem to play a very important role in our lives and in our day-to-day functioning. It is the time when we include dios and body sprays in our daily routine and this is the time when you are looking for the best body sprays in the market. Dove recently launched two new body sprays which I have tried this Dove Body Sprays in the summer. It is the dove original and the dove even tone. Both of these are available in both the spray and the roll-on variants which are preferred by a lot of customers and are priced at a very affordable rate. The spray versions are sold at 220 rupees and the roll-on costs ₹150. Both of these are very promising products and have a lot of potential. We’ll take a close look and which is the one for you. The main questions that are raised while buying a deodorant or whether they are efficient in preventing body odor and whether they even out the underarm skin tone. Numerous products enter the market every year and make bold claims but Dove body sprays attracted my attention this time round. They are known to make great products overall and without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the two products.

Dove Body Sprays: An Honest Review

Let’s start with the claims

 I have used this product for quite some time now and like every other product in the market, Dave has a few claims of their own with their deodorants the Dave original claims that it can smoothen and even out the skin tone in your underarms whereas the dove even tone promises to reduce the dark marks and restored the natural skin tone in your underarms on top of that they promise a 48-hour protection and prevent all types of body odor. These are some bold claims like many products do so it is time to check them out and verify the claims made by the company. Let me share my experience with it to give you a clearer view of the product.

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I think ingredients play an important factor in which product you should choose for your body. These deodorants do not use any type of harsh ingredients like alcohol and paraben. I found it very friendly on the skin and can be recommended to people even with sensitive skin. They have moisturizing cream and nourishing oils that help nourish your skin and keep your underarms smooth and well-nourished always.

Dove Original Clean Antiperspirant deodorant

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Texture and consistency

 When it comes to the texture and consistency of Dove deodorants, I noticed how high-quality the products are. With a proper misty texture, the Dove deodorant dries out pretty quickly and does not leave any sticky feel after I use the product. The deodorants are very mild on the skin and skin-friendly because they do not contain any kind of alcohol or parabens. There is no burning sensation even when used after shaving and prevents any kind of skin irritation and sensitivity to a great extent.

The roll-on contains a rolling ball applicator which helps the product to glide very evenly and smoothly on the skin. However, one downside of the roll-on is it takes a little bit longer to absorb into your skin. It is a massive plus point of the product as many people have had this problem with other roll-ons.


 After all, fragrance is what defines a deodorant and is the most important factor that helps people make decisions on which deodorant to buy from the market. Like most of us, you must have encountered a deodorant that has a very strong smell which makes you feel like sneezing as soon as you apply it. There are definitely a lot of products like that in the market but Dove’s original and the event are definitely not among those. The Dove Original know to have a very mild and refreshing scent which loves by all. People who love a floral tone to the scent can go for the dove-even tone because it has a sweet floral scent which is quite pleasing. I use this product every day, I love the smell a lot.

The Dove Original

Price – 289 Rs

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My experience

After using the Dove deodorants for a few weeks, I feel worthy to pass a verdict on their odor protection and ability to restore the tone of your underarms. After using the product the skin stayed fresh and protected throughout the day. It also prevents sweating as I experienced a lot less sweat than I usually do. The fragrance is long-lasting and there is no body odor after using the product. 

To answer one of the most asked and frequent questions, there is a visible difference in the tone of the underarm skin after using it for around two weeks. You can use the spray or the roll-on. But one thing to note is that I found almost no irritation that occurs after you apply the product and it is a completely safe product to use on your skin.

Final verdict

If you are looking to buy these dove deodorants then you can easily go for this without a second thought. If you are specifically looking for a deodorant to improve your underarm skin and even it out then I would recommend going for the Dove Original and using the roll-on because it provides extra moisture to the skin. But if you’re looking to reduce the dark Marks and pigmentation in your underarms then the dove-even tone is the way to go for you.

Rating 4.2

To put it plainly in front of you both the products are absolutely worth the price and highly recommends to use. I would definitely recommend the products after my experience with it. Friendly to the skin and a nice fragrance, it’s the perfect combination for a body spray. The product lives up to the claims made by the company and are true to their claims with a competitive price. At this price point, this is one of the best products that you can go for. 


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