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Empowering Women Through Drug Detox: A Journey to Healing and Renewal

Drug addiction is a serious problem that affects all people irrespective of gender. But, when it comes to recovery from drug addiction, it is easy for men to find the right support to get over drugs. Women’s drug addiction problems are often neglected and their special needs are not met with by many recovery centers. But, nowadays, there is a new change coming up in Drug Detox Austin centers. Many of them have started women centric detox programs to provide exclusive services to women addicted to drugs.

Tailored Detox Services

The premise of the women centric programs is to keep their needs and requirements primary while providing them detox treatment. This starts with using the right set of medications for the detox. As you already know, detox is done by introducing medications in your body, and you will be required to take them periodically, until the drug traces are removed from your blood. Women’s bodies being naturally sensitive, requires controlled dosage and precise monitoring during the procedure. In recent days, the Drug Detox centers have prepared specialized procedures and rules to provide these treatments to female patients.

Safe Accommodation & Food

The next important factor while treating female patients is the safety of their stay and food requirements. The detox centers have started allotting separate blocks for accommodating women inside their complexes. These blocks are well protected so women can stay safely during their detox period. The food requirements are also taken care of, with the staff asking for personal preferences in the food menu to each individual patient. You can inquire about these services to the detox centers while getting admitted to them.

Specialized Teams of Medical Professionals

As for who will be monitoring you during your stay at the Drug Detox Austin Texas centers, there are specialized teams of female medical professionals available round the clock at the centers. There are female clinicians, female psychiatrists, medical professionals, nurses, and ward-girls too. The all-women crew makes sure all your needs are met during your treatments and therapies. The female psychiatrists will understand your psychological problems better, and you can open up to them with confidence. The therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, music therapy, come with a choice though. You can either take part in a unisex therapy session, or you can request for an all-women session.

Women-Only Support Groups

Finally, the therapies and counseling are followed by support group sessions. These are organized among female patients separately, for only women can understand a woman’s problems better. These sessions give you a valuable opportunity to open up to people who can better relate to your problems. You can seek productive solutions to your personal issues, and learn from the group members on how to overcome drugs and stay sober. The detox centers conduct these support group meetings regularly and you can join these sessions even after being discharged. The outpatient program will give you access to the support groups. The centers also give you any kind of urgent care you may need for drug related problems.

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