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Essential Oils that will help your hair grow quickly

Essential oils are herbal extracts with excellent therapeutic power.  These oils can be used for different medicinal benefits, which are of different types: hair care is one of them. However, some specific essential oils are identified by natural therapists for hair care.

Well, these are quite common lines, and you can read them in many places. But what I have felt about the essential oils that they are real-life herbal elixirs. They really work wonder if you can use them rightly.

In my childhood days, I have seen my mother and her friend using lots of essential oils for their daily use cosmetics and for different home remedies.   They use to prepare fantastic natural oil mixes for curing dandruff, split hair, toe nail problem, as well as for aroma bath.

My love for essential oil sprouted in my childhood. In fact, while I sniff lavender or rosemary oil, even today, still I can cherish in my mind the softness of my mom’s lustrous hair. What I mean to say that my experience and delight for essential oils are pretty age-old and a long loving association.

I have used essential oils for my hair treatment, and I have got an amazing result. But all essential oils cannot be used for hair care or cure! Before you start using these herbal oils, you must know the buzz word of using essential oils: it is moderation.

Hair nourishment and rejuvenation of hair growth are the two sides of a coin, called hair care. Essential oils are powerful products hence cannot be used indiscriminately. It is good to go with proven products: nine essential oils are suggested here that you can use for faster hair growth.  

To be precise, these essential oils are truly hair friendly. But you must try a patch test before you start using them. Apply a drop of oil on your wrist and allow to set it for 12-18 hours. If there is no irruption or discomfort, you can try that oil on your scalp.

 Lavender oil: soothes the scalp, helps in hair nourishment.

Sweetly fragranced, light, and refreshing in nature, the lavender essential oil is well known for its stress buster quality. But do you know that you can use this herbal product as an efficient hair care remedy? Yes, lavender can work excellent if you use it for your hair nourishment.

Simply add 2-4 drops of lavender oil in a carrier oil like jojoba, olive, or coconut oil. Light massage on the scalp with this mix-oil will improve blood circulation, will keep your stress reduced, and it will stop hair falling. Regular use of lavender essential oil will promote new hair growth.

Rosemary oil: takes care of hair health

Rosemary oil is recognized for its fresh and pungent smell. It is an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of migraine and stress-related fatigue. But what about hair care? Yes, you are right, this natural oil can help in replenishing hair growth with fast and visible effect.

The quality of Rosemary oil is a proven one. It is recommended in Ayurvedic hair care too. Rosemary hair oil on the scalp at least twice a week preferably at night is good for hair health.  It moisturizes the scalp, unclogs hair follicles, and prevents unwanted flaking and unwanted intrusion of dandruff.

However, you must use the oil mixed with career oil. But, carrying mothers must not try this Rosemary oil remedy for their hair care.

Cedarwood Oil for hair care

Known for its woody and warm aroma, Cedarwood oil is a popular natural remedy for stopping dandruff infection as well as hair loss. In a recent study on hair loss, it has been identified that Cedarwood oil is helpful in all-rounder hair care.

Light massage with lukewarm cedarwood oil and career oil mix helps in natural hair growth. You can keep the oil mix on scalp for overnight followed by shampoo next day.

Cedarwood essential oil is rich in antiseptic and antifungal qualities. Application of this oil helps to keep scalp healthy, improves blood circulation that promotes natural hair growth. Due to increased hair strength, you can use automatic curling iron and curly hair dryer at ease while hair styling!

Lemongrass oil to stop hair fall

Lemongrass essential oil is rich in its anti-bacterial qualities. Massage of lemongrass oil and carrier oil mix helps in maintaining a healthy scalp, which is good for new hair growth. Regular hair massage with lemongrass oil can prevent lice infection, which often causes hair fall.

Furthermore, if you apply lemongrass oil in your hair follicles, you will get to enjoy better hair strength that prevents hair fall to a great extent.  Facing an unusual hair fall problem? Try the lemongrass hair care to get rid of this health-fix. 

Tea tree oil for healthy scalp and new hair growth

World famous for skin care support, Tree tea oil is enriched in natural antimicrobial and antifungal qualities that can be used for hair care too. If you have an affinity to develop dandruff or itchy scalp, beware! These two triggers can cause havoc hair loss.

Tea tree oil can be your wonderful savior in hair care. Gently message tree tea oil with almond or coconut carrier oil and enjoy fabulous hair shine. No dandruff, no flaky skin, no lice, or no obstruction for the normal flow of sebum. Result? Healthy hair and new hair growth.

Ylang-ylang oil for hair nutrition

Do you know that dry and itchy scalp is one of the worst enemies of your hair health? Not only a troubled scalp is irritating, but it will also result in hair fall problem too. Want to know the solution to fight your hair fall? Ylang-ylang oil is a good remedy.

You may ask how ylang-ylang essential oil works. Our answer is, this essential oil certainly stimulates hair sebum production, and it is great for providing the moisturizing effect for the scalp and the hair. Gently massage scalp with Ylang-ylang oil at night, and you will get to manage your hair care at ease!

Clary Sage oil and hair care

Clary sage oil is excellent to smell for its nutty, musky and woody blended aroma. No wonder that you will like to give your hair the massage treat with this potent essential oil because of great smell. However, it goes well with all career oils, but jojoba will do the best for hair care with clary sage oil.

Not only sweet smell! This herbal extract is great in its medicinal properties that are fantastic for hair care and new hair growth. It contains phytoestrogen that stimulates hair growth and stops pre-mature baldness.

One caution: Carrying ladies must avoid hair massage with Clary Sage oil: it may induce the problem of contraction.

Thyme oil is a wonderful hair care remedy

Thyme oil is a great hair care remedy and a new hair growth solution for you if you are facing the problem of dull and frizzy hair. Thyme essential hair oil is sweet smelling, and you can safely mix it with any carrier oil of your choice.

Light hair massage with thyme hair will improve blood circulation in the scalp.  It soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth. At the same time, thyme oil benefits in stopping hair loss thus increases hair volume. You can use Thyme essential oil with your shampoo also but in extreme moderation.

Peppermint oil for hair nutrition

You must have enjoyed peppermint flavor in your favorite chewing gum.  The pleasant smell is all about the peppermint essential oil.  But have you ever thought about using that flavor in your hair care routine? Yes, it’s worth trying.

Peppermint essential oil is known for its sweet and refreshing aroma. Besides, it is a blood circulation booster and is gifted with a rejuvenating power. Gentle massage with peppermint oil and jojoba oil (career oil) promotes excellent hair growth. 

If you have a special knack for hair coloring or hair styling with hair curling tools, massage with peppermint oil can be your great savior. The massage with this essential oil will keep your hair soft, bouncy, and strong.


These 9 best essential oils you can use for your hair care. Not only these unique herbal products will boost hair beauty, but it will also stop hair fall and promote hair growth.   Maintain a good diet also to keep your immunity strong and up!

It is easy to use all these essential oils for hair care too. Simply mix it with a good career oil and then apply gently on your scalp.  Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. are excellent carrier oil you can always bank on.

Some essential oils may not suit you. It is always safe to use these herbal oils in a conservative amount. Pregnant ladies should not use these oils without the recommendation of a certified aromatherapist.

One thing is sure! Essential oil works wonderfully for hair care, but they are not an overnight remedy. Right lifestyle and a healthy diet will bring faster result in hair care. One more warning! Get these essential oils from authentic outlets only.

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