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Everything You Need to Know About Tape-in Extensions

Do you know why majority of women opt for tape-in hair extensions when upgrading their looks? It is because tape-in extensions are relatively painless, breathable, and lightweight. They do not pull the strands of your natural hair, making it more comfortable while wearing them, unlike clip-ins and wigs. Tape-in extensions are also highly-versatile and do not show even if you are wearing a high ponytail. 

We rounded up everything you need to know about tape-in extensions to help you decide if you are contemplating adding length or volume to your hair, just for a change.

What are tape-in extensions? 

Tape-in extensions are made of a 4-cm or 1-inch wide weft of hair that is secured with a sticky tap at the top. Hair material can be real human hair or synthetic hair. These permanent hair extensions use a safe medical glue as an adhesive and have a removable sticky tab that is easy to peel off.



Are tape-in extensions available in different textures and shades?

To ensure that the extensions blend naturally, purchase the product that matches the texture and quality of your real hair. Tape-in extensions are ideal for all hair types, from thick tresses to very fine hair. There is a matched texture for your hair quality from Type 1 to Type 4. Like your real hair, they need regular treatment, especially Type 4 extensions, to prevent matting and damage. 

Do tape-in extensions need to be professionally installed?

Yes. It is not recommended for a DIY application since the process is more elaborate and time-consuming. A licensed cosmetologist or hairstylist from a reputable company like Perfect Locks needs to “sandwich” two hair wefts in between your natural hair. 

While the installation does not require using tools, it should be done properly. The extensions should be securely installed together to avoid slipping. A full installation procedure requires at least 3 hours as it includes shampooing, hydration treatment, clipping the ends, installation, and styling. 

Are tape-in extensions expensive?

Compared to other types of semi-permanent hair extension procedures, tape-in extensions are the least expensive. You have to pay for the amount of hair you desire. A 200-gram (80 pieces) of hair extensions will cost you $200 to $400.  The cost varies depending on the material. Real human hair tape-in extensions are more pricey compared to synthetic ones. 

How long do tape-in extensions last?

The typical lifespan of a tape-in extension is from 6-8 weeks. The factors that affect its longevity are the quality of extensions and new hair growth. It is important to remove the extensions when your hair has grown out. To make them last, you need to regularly wash and condition them. In addition, always dry them before sleeping, brush them regularly, and avoid excessive heat styling. 

How to remove tape-in extensions?

Visiting a salon for tape-in extension removal is highly recommended to avoid damaging your real hair during the process. The removal method requires layering olive oil, coconut oil, or other oil-based removers in between the tabs to loosen the stickiness of the tape. Some hair stylists use liquid spray alcohol-based removers for the process. 

Are tape-in extensions reusable?

You can use tape-in extensions for up to one year. Before reusing them, wash and condition the hair to make them soft and clean. Clean the tape by removing the excess glue. Air-dry the extensions until the top, where the tape is located, are not sticky to the touch. 

What is the proper way of washing the tape-in extensions?

It is safe to wash your hair with the installed tape-in extensions. However, you need to use suitable shampoo and conditioner for extensions. When washing them, start at the roots, then rub the shampoo slowly downward through the hair. Do not use a circular motion or scrub the hair during shampooing because it will cause tangling. When conditioning the extensions, start from the mid-shaft and then downward. Avoid putting conditioner on the part of the tape where the adhesive is located. For best results, brush the hair carefully and air dry. 

Is it true that tape-in extensions can cause hair breakage?

No. However, if installed incorrectly, it may cause breakage. This is why you need to get it done by a professional hair stylist. In reality, this type of extension promotes healthy hair growth since you need hair and scalp treatments every 2-3 weeks. This results in an inch of hair growth within 6 to 8 weeks of wearing extensions. 

Who should avoid using tape-in extensions?

People with dry scalps should not avail of tape-in extensions because they lack moisture. This type of hair extension is extremely sensitive to moisture. Applying oil to your scalp is a big no. A dehydrated scalp is prone to hair breakage.

Can curly girls wear tape-in extensions?

Tape-in extensions are hair-friendly, meaning they can be blow-dried using a cool setting. For naturally-curly-haired ladies, wearing these extensions requires blow-drying the roots of the hair completely before washing or combing the hair to avoid any tension. Also, before styling the hair, make sure that the tape is totally dry to prevent slippage or damage.


Achieve a glorious crowning glory by wearing non-damaging tape-in extensions. This popular type of extension is ideal for ladies who are always on the go and those who want to look their best without the hassle of constantly clipping and removing the weft of hair. Now that you know the essential things to know about tape-in extensions, it will be easy for you to decide whether it is the one you need to upscale your look. 

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