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Evolution of Makeup: From an immoral practice to a necessity

Recently, the global makeup realm became a gigantic market of $380.2 billion, and by the end of 2027, it is expected to become a $463.5 billion market. We now might be living in an era where everyone agrees that every woman deserves makeup and should be allowed to do whatever they want to do with their face to look flawless. But when humans lived in new settlements, and everyone was confined to their region, makeup had a completely different meaning.

The first traces of makeup can be found during the Egyptian era of 4000 BCE, meaning that women have practiced makeup for the past 6,000 years. This means the small and compact airbrush makeup machine you have in your wardrobe and the wide range of liquid makeup products you use every day is a result of thousands of years of evolution and changes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a makeup fanatic and never even step out of the house without using makeup or use makeup products on special occasions; everyone must know the origin, evolution, and present scenario of makeup.

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So let’s get on board and join us on the journey to the past, present, and future of makeup.


The first traces of makeup


Makeup had captivated us since 4000 BCE when Egyptian men and women wore their unique eye makeup. During that period, makeup was only used by the upper class to decorate the eyes as this allowed them to stand out of the crowd. The most interesting thing about Egyptian makeup practice is it was not confined to a single gender, as both women and men used it.

The first two colors that were used for makeup were green and black. These colors were made using copper ores and mined ores. So, be thankful for the airbrush makeup machine and liquid makeup that you can easily buy online. There was a makeup known as “kohl” that upper-class Egyptian people used to outline the eyes in the shape of an almond. They used a specially made small stick to outline the eyes using the kohl evenly.


China and Japan

Apart from Egypt, evidence of makeup application has also been found in Japan and China. In both these Asian countries, the makeup application began in 3000 BC. Unlike Egyptians who used makeup only to outline the eyes, makeup applications in China meant decorating the fingernails to show their status in society.

People of the lower class were not allowed to wear these makeups. Even the color of the makeup represented the class in that era. Gold and silver color belonged only to the upper class, while other subsequent classes used black and red. You must now be feeling lucky that you can use any color with the best airbrush makeup.

In Japan, makeup products for lips and eyebrows were made by crushing safflower flowers, and there is even evidence of using rice flowers for the face.


The second phase of makeup evolution

The period from 1837 to 1901 is considered the second phase of makeup application, and during this period, the world witnessed a very fast evolution in the makeup field. The practices of Egypt, China, and Japan became history, and new makeup tools and products made their way to the market.


Victorian Era

The second phase of makeup application belongs to the Victorian era, which began in 1837 and ended in 1901. During this period, the use of cosmetic products was now confined to actresses and prostitutes. It was that phase of human civilization when people cherished natural skin color, and any method used to alter the color was not considered an ethical practice.

During this period, women began to use castor oil to massage their eyebrows, and they also started tweezing their eyebrows. Even the use of rice powder to dust the nose was quite popular during this period. At that time, women didn’t have the privilege of using the best airbrush makeup.

Apart from this, women used beetroot juice to pinch their cheeks and make them rosier. But it was not until 1900 that makeup became more socially acceptable and its popularity increased among the masses. Only after this period, makeup became a commercial product.


The beginning of modern makeup

After 1920, society began to focus more on the sexual beauty of women, and when women stepped into the professional world, they were encouraged to wear makeup. This is what led to the commercialization of makeup, which is why now every woman searches for airbrush makeup near me without worrying about society.

There were many new inventions made after 1920. For example, lipstick gained popularity after metal lipsticks were invented. Even natural lip gloss made it to the market, and they were used to create a red effect since it reacted with the skin. Makeup products that have now become a new normal, like blush, were also invented during the 1920s.

Even mascara was invented during the same time. Also, women began practicing more safe makeup practices and the use of any harmful ingredient in makeup products was discouraged.


The current makeup scenario

In the 21st century, women are bidding farewell to the hand tools used for applying makeup as they have moved to airbrush makeup. Currently, airbrush makeup is the most advanced and useful makeup tool that has made its way from Hollywood sets to the masses.

Using airbrush makeup is relatively easy; this is why more and more women are now searching for airbrush makeup near me. In today’s world, makeup is for everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman, the use of cosmetics is considered an ethical practice and encouraged by society. But if you wish to know the fundamental importance of makeup, you must dig into its roots and history and understand how it has evolved.

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