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Top 10 Fashion Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style!


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If you are someone that follows fashion as closely as we do, you might get the idea of how these fashion ‘trends’ died! There is something really confusing about our leading celebrities and trending fashion. They give rise to a herd mentality, where a specific fashion clothing, style, or piece is in high demand and everyone’s wearing it. Cut to two or three years later and no one wants to be seen wearing the same again. There is no doubt that fashion is fickle. What is in vogue today, might not be tomorrow. However, even in an age of viral trends and social media, there are fashion trends that refuse to go away.

Eternal, ageless, and undying are some of the terms that are used to refer to them. You can think of them as timeless classics that continue to be as popular today as they were when they first appeared in fashion magazines. In this fashion blog, we try to discuss some of the popular fashion trends that experts believe will never go out of style.

List of Top 10 Fashion Trends

1. Clothing Sets-

While the first matching clothing set might have appeared centuries ago, it continues to be in fashion. Yes, the forms, styles, colors, and designs have changed, but clothing sets still dominate sales. From tops and skirts to camis and cut-out pants, you can never go wrong with clothing sets for women. Almost all leading fashion brands come out with annual collections.

2. Levi 501 Jeans-

What can you say about a pair of jeans that has already been conferred the title of the most ‘timeless pant in history’. From going first on sale in 1853, the company has sold millions of pairs of their iconic 501 series. They are highly versatile, can be paired with anything, and appeal to both genders. This has been a wardrobe must-have for the last century.

3. Aviator Sunglasses-

Nothing oozes as much style, panache, and class as a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. Paired with the Levi 501, they have been the most iconic pieces to come out of American fashion history. If you want to be in the same company as James Bond, Don Draper, and Maverick from Top Gun, choose a pair that does justice to the shape and size of your face.

4. Little Black Dress (LBD)-

There is no denying the fact that the LBD is a timeless icon. It has been showered its fair share of love by everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Hurley. You cannot go wrong with a cute LBD, some heels, a nice clutch, and some bling on the ears. This is the safest go-to option for cocktail parties and formal fine dining events. A woman looks her best in an LBD, period!

5. Boots-

Skirts, jeans, or dresses look great at everything! Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to have a collection of boots in your wardrobe. Classic colors like black, tan, and camel will always outlive you easily. You can go for length options and choose between knee-length, ankle ones, and thigh ones. Yup, the boot is not going anywhere soon.

6. Converse Chuck Taylors-

If there is one piece of footwear that has enjoyed a cult following it has been Converse Chuck Taylors. For many adults, Converse has always been a love letter for the ages. There is a Converse for all occasions. You can pair it with practically anything and they still make you look cool. White, blue, red, green, you can practically pick one for every day of the week.

7. Classic Leather Jackets-

While using animal-based fashion products has been criticized, there are plenty of faux-leather options you can go for. Having a leather jacket is a fashion staple that you cannot go wrong with. Make sure to go with classic cuts and styles and pay attention to the overall form and fit. You don’t want it to be loose or tight. Experts recommend getting one that is made to order.

8. White Tee and Shirt-

Ever since the dawn of fashion when we started documenting styles, the classic white tee and shirt have been a firm favorite. Everyone, regardless of their gender, age, and body type should have these two iconic pieces of fashion in their wardrobe. Whatever be the occasion, you cannot go wrong with a white tee/shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Simple, effortless, and eternal.

9. Turtlenecks-

While the jury is still out on whether turtlenecks have withstood the test of time, many believe that they should be considered as a classic. To be honest, they have been reinterpreted by several leading designers and continue to enjoy a massive fan following even to this day. Presently, turtleneck sweaters are very popular and a smart option for both men and women,

10. Trench Coat-

Forever classy and sophisticated, the trench coat has been the go-to choice for fashion and style-conscious individuals. It does not matter whether you are a high-flying corporate lawyer or someone that has a business of producing music, the trench coat will appeal to both in different ways. Trench coats have been popular for both men and women for decades.

Why you should always prefer Classics over Trending Fashion?

By definition, a trend means something that has come, which will eventually go away. Fashion styles and clothing that are trending are elements that you will only be able to enjoy for a season or two. Post that, trending fashion pieces like chokers or pleather chaps will get you laughed at in gatherings. According to leading designers, investing in timeless pieces of fashion classics is the way to go.

Even if you are spending extra money, you know that the same can be worn by you for several years at a stretch. This means that neither will you get laughed at nor will you get angry at yourself for investing in something that you cannot wear only after a year.

So many of us are conscious of the way we dress. That is no bad thing. By depending on classics, you can make sure that you are never ever putting a foot wrong, anytime you step out your door. If you have any other questions, you would like us to address or have doubts that need clarification, do let us know in the comments below.

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