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Garnier micellar water salicylic BHA review: Everything you need to know

After having used the product for some time now, I feel confident enough to share the experience with everyone here. It is a great product and I have loved the Garnier micellar water salicylic acid BHA and would definitely recommend it for new users. It is the perfect product for sensitive as well as oily skin but there are a lot of articles decoding the ingredients present.

I am going to be completely honest, there are some ingredients that can be a bit harsh to some skin types, although I have not faced any issues while using the product. It is a product under the Garnier skincare naturals and has the blue and pink variant.

Both are loved by a lot of people and each variant has its own separate fan base. After reading a lot of articles and reviews, curious, I decided to give it a try myself. Without further ado, let’s dive into the main review and the experience of the product.

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You can easily find the product in the offline market not from any online side. Popular online platforms have the Garnier micellar water available at all times. You can get it from the offline market in your nearby places easily in the availability of this product is good you can find all the variants available easily. 

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 Product Description

  •       Multipurpose cleanser and makeup remover
  •       Removes makeup and suits your skin side by side by cleaning it properly
  •       thoughts sensitive skin very well and is very gentle on the skin
  •       No need for harsh rubbing or rinsing of the skin, can be applied easily
  •       ideal for sensitive parts like the face lips and eyes.
  •       Non-oily and nonsticky for every type of skin
  •       Alcohol-free
  •       No added perfumes
  •       dermatologically and ophthalmological you tested with approved results

 Detailed review of the product

  • Packaging:

When you look at the packaging it comes in a transparent plastic bottle equipped with a flip flop cap. The nozzle provided is very efficient and helps you dispense the product in a very clean and fine manner. There is no risk of spilling the product and creating a mess making it very travel-friendly that you can carry at all times.  The labels have all the information that you need about the product. Different variants of the product have different individuals and it is labeled properly when you read the label.


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  • Experience using the product

It is a good makeup remover and removes a lot of makeup but isn’t the most powerful one out there. Garnier micellar water is not meant to remove very heavy makeup in one go and you cannot say that it will work like a magnet and remove all the makeup at once.  Sometimes even two or three cotton pads can fall short and some makeup merry men.

People providing reviews for the product have mentioned a lot of times that it is an upgraded product to remove your daily Makeup. But if you are using foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick, and loose powder at once then it may take a bit of time and more than one cotton pad to remove all the makeup.

It depends on the amount of makeup that you are wearing and the amount of each product that you use. Speaking from a more general point of view, this product from Garnier is very good for a minimal amount of makeup.

When specifically talking about eye makeup, Garnier micellar water does a surprisingly pretty job. Removing eyeshadow and washable mascara is one of the strong points of this product and it does a very good job at removing everything in a few swipes. However, as mentioned earlier in the review it is not a similar kind of experience when coming to the other parts of the face.

There was also a plastic kind of smell left on the face after using the product which will remain for about a few seconds but the best part of the product is there is no stickiness left behind after you have used the product and it helps you feel fresh which is sometimes not the case with other products.

*Note- Garnier micellar water pink is not a waterproof makeup

A lot of people have this misconception that Garnier micellar water pink is a waterproof makeup remover. you must know properly before jumping to conclusions about the product that it was never marketed as a waterproof makeup remover Garnier micellar water paint is always a light makeup remover and does not work on waterproof makeup.

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*Garnier Micellar Water Blue is a waterproof makeup remover

Garnier micellar water blue or Garnier micellar water salicylic acid is specifically created to cater to the needs of people with oily skin and to remove waterproof makeup. It does not leave you with an oily skin.

Another thing that I noticed while using the product is the foam and lathery feeling it left on the skin and my fingers while using the product on my face. It felt like soapy water for some time and it was not expected from the product.

A big fail- not very friendly to sensitive skin as claimed!

After using it for the first time, I realized that the product is not very friendly to sensitive skin and may feel a bit harsh. But after using it is for a few times it gets adjusted very well and overall provides a very unique experience. This should have been looked into before marketing it as a product for sensitive skin.

A summary of the review

After using the product for some time this is the experience and the results that I encountered.

Overall it is a good product and can work for a lot of people. Sometimes if you are removing the makeup on your face it takes a lot of cotton packs to take off some basic layers of makeup it works very well with minimal makeup but if you are a heavy makeup user then you need to use more than one cotton pad to remove the layers of makeup.

However, when it comes to eye makeup this product is a very good experience and it removes all the makeup in a few fights functional while putting the product on your face it can formal kind of foam and amid A plasticky smell but it goes after a few seconds. If you have sensitive skin then you may experience some problems while using the product as clogging some ports and getting pimples.


The pros of the product

  •       Alcohol-free
  •       works wonders with minimal makeup
  •       one of the best products to remove eye makeup
  •       does not leave a sticky or oily appearance after use

Cons of the product

  •       not very friendly to the sensitive skin
  •       does not work well with heavy makeup
  •       forms a kind of soapy appearance while putting it on your face
  •       Don’t take off heavy makeup completely in one go

How to use micellar water on your face 

Micellar water is a skin care product that acts as a makeup remover and cleans your skin properly.  It contains ingredients like purified water and hydrating ingredients which include glycerin. it contains mild surfactants that create microscopic missiles on the skin that remove the dirt and oil that has been accumulated on your skin.

It is a gentle product to tone your skin and completely remove makeup. it is not harsh on your skin and does not sting like some other beauty products and it is a gentle way to take care of your skin. If you’re wondering how to use Garnier micellar water, here’s how:

  •       Pour some micellar water on a cotton pad or a makeup swipe order a piece of cloth whatever you have.
  •       Use the cloth or cotton pad to gently wipe right across your face. Wiped across the places that you have makeup and so it for removing eye makeup or mascara tune into gently press the ideas having the makeup and remove it gently.
  •       After you have removed the makeup try it with a clean towel and use some face wash on your face. You can complete the routine by going about your regular skincare routine and using a moisturizer to soften your skin.

Here we end the Garnier micellar water review and move on to the ingredients. 

Unveiling the Truth Behind Facials

Everything you need to know about the ingredients 

Before using the product you need to know about everything about the active ingredients of Garnier miscellar water.

 Although the Ganyan micellar water pins are alcohol-free there are some differences that you may encounter while using Garnier micellar water blue.

  •       It is not alcohol as some harsh forms of alcohol can be used to break some natural radiators in the skin with prolonged use.
  •       It is completely silicon-free and that is good for you.
  •       There are no artificial fragrances added and it is a fragrance-free product.
  •       There no sulfates use in the product making it a great beauty product to use on your skin
  •       It is also paraben free which is a preservative and it took place off a shelf life
  •       It is completely oil-free
  •       If you have Malassezia folliculitis then also this product is safe for use as it is free from any ingredient that can promote the growth
  •       The product is free from any EU allergens
  •       It is a vegan product and is free from any kind of animal cruelty.

What role do different ingredients play in this product?

Different ingredients in the product play their own important roles that make the product unique and very good for your skin. Here is everything you need to know about the functionalities of the different ingredients.

  •       Water acts as a skin conditioning agent and a very good solvent as is known.
  •       Hexylene glycol these are very good emulsifier under skin conditioning agent. it also acts as a solvent along with water
  •       Glycerine is a human friend along with the skin conditioning and protecting agent and it also works as another solvent along with hexylene glycol water.
  •       Alcohol denat acts as an anti-microbial agent and astringent, while also playing its role as a solvent
  •       Poloxamer 184 is an emulsifying agent.
  •       Disodium cocoamphodiacetate is a good skin-cleansing ingredient.
  •       Salicylic acid works as a masking and preservative agent while also conditioning your skin
  •       Mytrimonium bromide pizza preservative used in the product
  •       Sodium hydroxide acts as a buffering agent
  •       ascorbyl glucoside a great antioxidant use in the product.

When to use the product?

Different people follow different schedules to use the product according to their needs and types.  but most of the people use it in the morning or at night. The different regimes sorted by the percentage of people using them are:

  •       33 percent use it in the morning.
  •       67 percent use it at night.
  •       People who use it in the morning also use it at night.


Looking at the statistics, it notes that you must use the product at night, and using it in the morning remains an option. 

 Frequently asked questions:

  • Does Garnier micellar water have Salicylic Acid?

Yes, the Garnier micellar water blue has salicylic acid as one of its active ingredients.

  • Can I use micellar water with Salicylic Acid?

Yes, the micellar water from Garnier comes with salicylic acid in it as an ingredient. So you do not need to use salicylic acid externally.

  • Is Garnier micellar cleansing water good for acne?

 Yes, it works for most skin types and is good for treating acne and preventing it from coming back again. Garnier micellar water pink and blue both work against acne.

  • Is Garnier micellar water good for blackheads?

 Yes, if you are struggling with blackheads, using Garnier micellar water regularly can help you get rid of it

  • Does Garnier micellar water remove waterproof mascara?

 Yes, Garnier micellar water pink (salicylic acid BHA) mainly targets to remove waterproof makeup products like waterproof mascara.

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