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Getting Dermal Fillers? Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Dermal fillers have become a very common practice in the cosmetic industry, as they are very effective in enhancing the beauty of a person. However, if you are considering getting dermal fillers yourself here are some things that you should know before you get them.

Dermal fillers act like collagen

The substance that makes our skin smooth and young-looking is called collagen, and as we age, the levels of collagen in our body slowly decrease. Because of that, we get lines and wrinkles on our face, and the more our skin is exposed to sunlight, or some other factors, like smoking, the signs of aging tend to worsen. Dermal fillers are usually made out of hyaluronic acid, which acts just like collagen. If the wrinkles and other areas that are affected by aging are filled with dermal fillers, the volume and youthful appearance is going to be restored.

If you are curious about finding out more about dermal filler, you can find a lot of information at, or you can consult with your local cosmetician or doctor who performs the procedure as it is rather interesting to understand how they work.

Immediately notice results after you get your dermal fillers

Results last for a long time

It is a common mistake to think that dermal fillers are a permanent solution because just like collagen, the injected material is going to deplete over time as it gets absorbed.  However, the effects last for a very long time, in some cases, they can be effective up to a whole year. Of course, once the effects start wearing off, you can undergo the procedure again in order to get the same results.

The procedure is relatively painless

When someone hears that a procedure is done with needles, it is not uncommon to think that it is painful. But when it comes to the dermal fillers, the procedure is barely an inconvenience, as it will feel like a mosquito bite. This is because dermal fillers contain lidocaine, which is a numbing agent that is often used as anesthesia in larger amounts.

The procedure has no downtime and is very fast

There is a reason why dermal fillers are referred to as the “lunchtime facelift”, and that reason is the fact that you can go into the procedure and be done for the duration of an average lunchtime. Not only that the procedure is going to be done, but you can immediately go on with your normal day, without any recovery or something like that.

Because there is no downtime, the results are going to be visible immediately. When compared to things like anti-wrinkle injections, which can take up to a week or two to show full results, dermal fillers seem too good to be true.

Dermal fillers are great for lips

While the main use of dermal fillers is definitely the part where patients use it to look younger, there are some other uses of this incredible procedure. The main one has to be the part where they do an astonishing job at making the lips plump and luscious.

Materials used are safe

If you are wondering if the materials used in dermal injections are safe, there is nothing to worry about it. When it comes to dermal fillers in Sydney, they are all approved by the FDA, and they are safe to inject into the skin. Most brands use hyaluronic acid as their main ingredient, which is a substance naturally found in the body.

Other materials that might be used in dermal fillers are calcium hydroxylapatite and Poly-L lactic acid. Both of these are completely safe, and they are also approved to be used in dermal fillers for injections in order to make someone look younger or to enhance certain parts like lips.

They improve your self-esteem

Something that might not be that surprising, but if you are feeling down because you have aged and thus lost that great look you once had, dermal fillers are going to improve your mood significantly once you see the results. It is quite common for people’s moods to be tied to their self-image, and if you improve your self-image by making yourself look younger, your mood will quickly follow.

May encourage natural collagen production

While dermal fillers act like collagen which is lost over time, recent studies found out that there might be a great positive effect behind the treatment. Besides smoothing out the skin with hyaluronic acid, it may also stimulate the production of collagen in the body in areas that are damaged by the sun.

Of course, this study is yet to display just how much collagen is produced, and how long these effects last, but it is good to know that there is a potential for a single treatment to lead into a permanent solution, as the lack of collagen is what makes us look older, to begin with.

Dermal fillers can stimulate collagen production to keep you young-looking even after they wear off

Final Word

Dermal fillers are a great solution for everyone who is seeking to return their once lost younger looks, and while the effects are not forever lasting, the fact that they can last up to a whole year is enough for some. Being able to look at yourself look young again, even if it is just for a while is a great feeling that can often return you from a dark place if your mood is not has not been the best lately.

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