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Glow from the inside out with holistic skincare rituals

AAVRANI is a holistic skincare brand inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals that delivers powerful, luxury skincare. AAVRANI’s best-in-class, raw ingredients bridge the gap between beauty and wellness, allowing you to achieve your most radiant glow.

Beauty products do more than just heal on the outside. On the surface, they brighten, hydrate, and revamp tired skin, giving you the outer confidence you deserve. But your beauty routine goes far beyond what you can see. Skincare isn’t just about slapping on moisturizer and going about your day, but practicing and engaging in self-care to bridge the gap between beauty and wellness. By setting an intention behind using each and every beauty product, not only can you achieve total wellness, but get glowing skin from the inside out.

In this article, we’re diving into the topic of holistic beauty, and how you can see transformative results by implementing your own set of daily skincare rituals, tailored for you, and only you.

What is holistic beauty?

Holistic beauty addresses the way we approach our skincare in the context of our overall wellness. In other words, it goes far beyond the external application of our skincare products. By setting intentions and fully connecting with our mind, body, and soul during the application process, holistic skincare surprasses the quick fix we want to get out of our product routine.

AAVRANI’s founder, Rooshy Roy, built the brand with holistic skincare top of mind. By leveraging the sacred beauty rituals that she learned from her grandmother in Kolkata as a child, Rooshy developed powerful products that stem from her Indian roots. Through incorporating raw, organic ingredients like turmeric and honey, accompanied with achieving a full body connection, you too, can achieve vibrant, youthful skin.

How are skincare rituals different from skincare routines?

A skincare routine is a mundane, repetitive act such as washing your face before bed, or applying moisturizer when you wake up in the morning. These routines become second nature, and often mean going through motions without any intention set behind it. Luckily, skincare routines can easily be turned into rituals with a conscious effort. Skincare rituals take the application process to the next level by incorporating mindfulness and meaning into the act of applying a product. By setting time aside to be present in the moment and nourish your entire body and soul, you can achieve more youthful looking skin, while tackling the mental and emotional tension we often carry with us each day. However, achieving these results means shying away from the quick-fix solutions we once relied on.

So, how do you make the switch? We’re sharing three self-care, guided rituals that you can try to feel the ultimate skincare experience:

1. Mask & Meditate

Release built up stress and tension by meditating before removing your face mask. To practice this ritual, grab your favorite face mask and carefully observe the scent, texture, and color. Our personal favorite is the Glow Activating Exfoliator Mask, which features anti-inflammatory ingredients like organic turmeric, jojoba and raw honey to exfoliate and even your skin tone. By opening yourself up and using all your senses while applying the mask, you can truly experience holistic beauty. As you rub the mask evenly into your skin, take note of how it feels. Does it harden on your face, tightening your skin? Or does it feel cool and soothing? Once you finish applying the product, you will transition to meditating as the mask does its job. For this part, choose your favorite 5-10 minute guided meditation (or create your own!) and engage in self-reflection before its time to remove the mask. By engaging in this self-care practice and multitasking with intention, you can truly feel your skin radiate from within.


2. Hug Yourself & Your Skin

Nourish your skin and your soul by indulging in self-love while applying your serum. Start by choosing your favorite product (we use this Balance Restoring Serum) and prepare your skin for this ritual. AAVRANI recommends washing both your hands and face before you begin. Next, release 3-5 drops of serum onto your hands, and begin rubbing them together to warm up the product. Gently pat the formula into your skin, allowing the ingredients to absorb into your pores. Ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout the face, even around the eyes. After the initial application, use your full palms to hug and massage your face at various angles, while simultaneously looking at yourself in the mirror. Not only is this great for self-love, but promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces puffy skin. As you do this, engage in self-affirmation by verbally embracing your worthiness, using statements such as “I am worthy of love”, or “I radiate beauty from within” as you look at your reflection. By embracing your own acceptance and personal growth, you can achieve long-term results on the inside and out.

3. Unwind With Face Yoga

Take the benefits of your moisturizer to the next level by trying out face yoga. Engaging in these relaxation exercises as you hydrate your skin allows you to activate specific facial muscles to achieve your most toned and radiant complexion. Like full body yoga, face yoga stimulates your face, increases blood flow, and triggers collagen production to lift your face, and your mood. To kick off this ritual, choose your most luxurious face moisturizer. Personally, we love this Softening Hydra-Whip that promotes a radiant, supple complexion. Massage a small, pearl-sized amount of product into your skin, evenly distributing the formula throughout the entire face. After the moisturizer is applied, you’ll want to warm up your circulation by dropping your jaw and gazing upwards. Throughout each exercise, it’s vital to focus on deep breathing to achieve the best results. To practice face yoga, you can choose from a variety of jawline, neck, cheek and eye exercises to target fine lines and achieve a more defined facial structure. Check out AAVRANI’s face yoga tutorial for more!

Achieve vibrant, younger looking skin by pairing wellness with beauty

When striving to achieve holistic beauty, it’s essential to take a step back. Yes, the physical results from our products are top of mind, but what other changes can you notice? Pay attention to your stress levels, diet, sleep patterns, and other wellness factors that point to increases in your overall health. By being patient with yourself and consistent with your regime, you are bound to achieve the vibrant, glow-from-within skin that you’ve always dreamed of.

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