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5 Green Home Swaps to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Do you think that going green is too much work? Well, think again. 

The reality behind this common misconception is that most sustainable lifestyle habits are easy. In fact, they’re no less convenient than what you’re already doing. Furthermore, while you save the planet with these practices, you save money, too.

All it takes to live more eco-friendly is a conscious effort to get these habits started. To that point, we’re going to teach you what habits to start.

Below, we’ve listed some surprisingly easy home swaps you can use to make your home more sustainable. Read the list, follow the tips, and save the world!

1. Recycle Everything You Can

Whether you rent or own, your home should have access to a recycling service the same as it does a garbage service. For instance, an apartment complex would have recycling bins next to the dumpster.

If you live in a house, the waste disposal service that picks up your garbage should provide you a recycling bin as well. You’ll have to call and ask for one if you don’t have one. Also, ask when the recycling is picked up and what recyclables are accepted.

Unfortunately, there could be some recyclable materials your waste company won’t take, like glass. In this case, try to find a place you can drop these materials off on your way to work or anywhere else you normally drive. You might also be able to find a service that will pick these up from your home.

In any case, none of this matters unless you actually use your recycle bin. It’s just as easy to throw plastic bottles in the recycling bin as it is to throw them in the trash.

2. Donate What You Can

Donating’s another form of recycling. For example, don’t throw out your old blender when you buy a new one. If the old one still works, donate it.

This reduces the amount of landfill waste and it helps people in need.

3. Stop Using Disposables

Almost every disposable item there comes in reusable varieties as well. Switching to reusables is hands-down the best and easiest way to reduce waste.

Instead of trashing a whole disposable razor every few days, you can simply change the blade of your reusable razor. Similarly, there are electric toothbrushes with replaceable heads.

You can even try reusable coffee filters to reduce waste and save money. And, when you purchase these items, don’t forget to bring lots of reusable shopping bags with you to the store.

4. Get a Water Filter

Every year, Americans throw away 60 million water bottles that could have been recycled. What’s more is that 100% of these bottles are unnecessary in the first place. Instead of wasting plastic, you could just get a home water filter and several reusable water bottles.

5. Go Solar

Lastly, the outdated electrical grid we all use is barely able to produce enough power for everyone who’s using it. Besides, this energy may not be very sustainable, especially compared with solar energy.

Solarizing provides your home with clean energy, saves you money, and earns you a tax rebate. However, know that the solar tax rebate is a limited-time offer. So, call your local solar company ASAP to come and set up your solar panels.

Go Green With These Home Swaps

These home swaps are green, easy, and frugal. So, it looks like you’re out of reasons not to try them. 

Remember this list and do your part by following these steps. Also, share this list with everyone you can.

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