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Ultimate Guide on Smokey Eyes – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Smokey eyes seem to be a very easy makeup to do but in reality, it is very difficult and kind of sketchy to master and nail a Smokey eye look. They sound simple in principle but can turn out to be very elusive when you try to do it.  The main reason for this is there is a thing as too much smoke that can make you look less attractive and sometimes messy.

After all the intention in bringing the Smokey eye look is to create a rebellious rock and roll alternative to meticulously clean girl makeup. Now there is a fine line between looking like a Rockstar and just plain so you need to understand properly how to do a good Smokey eye look.  Nailing it is difficult and it can be understood by the fact that more than 10,000,000 people have searched how to do a Smokey eye in online platforms such as Google.

What is a Smokey eye exactly?

Before moving on to doing the Smokey eye you need to understand what it is in the first place. It is generally a blended and diffused eye shadow which creates a dimension and looks hot, to be honest. If you want you can use a single shared to smoke it out at the edges but generally while doing a great Smokey eye look you build up layers with different shapes and colours. Celebrity artist who has mastered the art of creating the Smokey eye has explained in simple terms that every layer.

That you use clears a new dimension and helps you nail the look better. It can be a common question in your mind that you do not need a pencil first before the shadow and adder another layer of shadow after that. But by doing so you are going for the depth and creating a great look that looks realistic as well as bombastic. Creating more layers and depth makes you naturally more photogenic and you can take beautiful photos in the makeup.

If you are looking to create a gorgeous Smokey effect on your eye then you have come to the right place. State-tuned for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do a proper Smokey eye effect.

Smoky Eyes

3 things to know before starting

  1. The main part of understanding how to do a better Smokey eye yes to understand where to keep the darkest point. You should always keep the darkest point at the lash line and that will keep the makeup really fresh and modern. It will not divert the attention from your eyes and less attention to the makeup and more attention to the eyes will make it look more vibrant and beautiful.
  2. You should always keep it simple and generally stick to 3 or less than 3 shadows and a liner while going for the Smokey eye look as it will put more focus on your eyes.
  3. Brushes are very important while blending. When you are doing a Smokey eye then it does not matter how dad you are going or what colours you are using but the main skill lies in how good you can blend the liner and the shadow which will provide you the sultry look that you want.

Nailing the Smokey eye look with this step-by-step tutorial

  • Start the process and apply a mid-tone eyeshadow all over the lead. You can use graze, Browns and Heather’s to create a subtle Smokey effect.
  • After that, you should go for the liner and apply it along the lash line as mentioned earlier. You need to make sure that you are quoting and depositing the color between the lashes for instant enhancement. There are a lot of gel and glidden formulas available in the market. That you can apply and add easily available. One thing you need to make sure of is to smoke it out with an eye shadow brush before it all sets in. This is because once it sets in properly you cannot remove it easily.
  • You can add some important finishing touches with a mascara that you use and put 3 or 4 layers of fateful lash effect that will look gorgeous.
  • You can always add a sparkle shadow with your finger which can give it the finish that you are looking for. It also helps you to get a proper blend and the look that you want.

Now if you find the above-mentioned process very difficult then here’s a cheat way to do it easily.

People say that a long-wear cream and gel eyeliner blended together is a very simple and minimal way to use. If to get a proper Smokey eye effect without using a lot of products.

For this, you can add the shadow all over the lid and blend it over towards the outer corner for the Smokey eye effect. After that, you apply the gel eyeliner along the bottom lead and lash line smudging with a small eye brush. Which will create the perfect effects that you are looking for in your eye. Good skill with the brush is very important while doing this type of make-up to give a more realistic look.

If you are looking to get an intense Smokey eye then the recommendation would be to use a dark cream shadow. And for a daytime soft alternative, you can use a shimmer cream shadow.

Different Types of Smokey Eyes Used by Celebrities

Now there are a lot of different Smokey eye effects warned by different celebrities that have got them a lot of attention and praise. If you are looking to go for different types of Smokey eyes used by celebrities. Then here’s a list of the most famous appearances.

Subtle negative space

This is a kind of optical illusion created by great makeup skills. This was used by in Laura Harrier and she made a great case for it. You can achieve this by elongating the darker eyeshadow along the cut, please. And that will help the smokiness to control the lid and create the perfect look to flaunt.

Laura Harrier smoky eye look  

Olive tone smoke

This is a great option to go for if you love to work with colour theory and use different hues. You can match your Smokey eye with your hair to complement each other. Bebe Alexa went for a fiery red hair while flaunting this Smokey eye effect. And it complimented each other perfectly creating a great look. She got a lot of praise and affection for this look and popularised it.

Bebe Alexa smoky eye look

Coffee smoke

Simon Ashley used this effect and people went crazy over it. User light brown and coffee shed for a more natural tech on this particular effect. And it is one of the most populous Nokia effects that people use.

Simon Ashley Coffee smoke eye look

Rose smoke

This Smokey eye look adds more drama to the outlook and you can go for berries and Reds. If you have dark eyes then the right red color can complement them perfectly. And you can achieve the very similar outlook that you dream of and bring the best look out of you.

Rose smoke eye

Deep-burned orange smoke

The name can be a bit complex but the process is very simple and it brings out the best in Hazel’s eyes.  You can use it as a base for a pop of color. And for reference you can take a look at Zoey Deutch who used this earlier and made it very famous.

Zoey Deutch Deep-burned orange smoke

Spotlight Smokey eye

To add a spotlight effect on the Smokey eye you can use darker shades of eyeshadow on the corners of your eyes. Brazilian popstar Anita showed the perfect way to down this outlook by using shimmer in the middle. By using the darker shades of the eyeshadow and using schema in the middle. It highlights the major portions and creates a glittering look.

Brazilian popstar Anita Spotlight smoky eye

Late Smokey eye

Smokey Eye doesn’t need to be dramatic always and can be kept simple. And minimal according to your liking and preferences. If you like Matt’s finishes then you can keep the shades mat. And close to one another to create a little bit of dimension. And depth without creating that intense Smokey eye look.  The most famous appearances in this makeup were made by Hailey Bieber. And you can definitely try this to create a different kind of Smokey eye effect.

Hailey Bieber Late Smokey eye

Golden hours smoke 

This is a timeless masterpiece and a very universal look. It has been used by a lot of stars and is very common among the common people. It is easy to do and is one of the most famous makeups. And you can take a look at Jas Tookez as proof. The sunset is perfect for any type of complexion. And it will compliment your skin perfectly.

Jas Tookez Golden hours smoke

The pop of pink

You can do a lot of experiments while doing a Smokey eye and one of the most common outlooks. That people go for is by adding a pop of pink. At the center of the lead and brightening the Smokey look as seen by many celebrities including Halle Bailey. And it is easy to do as most of the Smokey eye looks.

Halle Bailey The pop of pink

More Famous Celebrity appearances in the Smokey Eye look

Being one of the most popular and mainstream eye makeups, a lot of popular celebrities have already flaunted the makeup. It perfect as mentioned earlier in this article. But if you are still not inspired and convinced and want to look at more celebrities.

And artists using this makeup then there are a lot more appearances a countless number of times. Now written below are a few of the many celebrities who have made appearances with a Smokey-eye look in public. 

  • Using a black liner and framing with soft Smokey shadows is a very popular makeup that was instructed and introduced by Shay Mitchell and is one of the most iconic looks. It is the most attractive and iconic when donned with straight hair. This look was donned by her at the Revolve Awards and garnered a lot of attention.
  • This look by Jenna inspired a lot of young girls to use this makeup and it was perfect for partying and having a night out. The sultry eye makeup really looks at its best when it is doubled with a glossy nude pout. Which makes for a very good pause to take photos in this outfit.
  • Olivia Culpo voted this beautiful Smokey eye by giving her wing an edge making her eye makeup a bit darker and heavier than she usually opts for. Another look that is perfect for a night out. And she gorgeously flaunted this makeup in front of the red carpet.
  • Jennifer Connelly’s media clear statement with her look that a Smokey eye does not always have to be all out and very intense. We all love her subtle silver accents. And the way she frames her eyes which can be the perfect look that you are looking for
  • One of the most iconic Smokey eyes donned by a celebrity is Olivia Palermo flaunting her bronze Smokey eye. It is one of the best makeups to follow the trend perfectly and rock the makeup.
  • Demi Lovato woke up and chose to use the Smokey eye to look like a total goddess at a red carpet event. She went for a nod and brown pout to flaunt those stunning Smokey eyes. It turned out to an iconic loop opt to many after that.
  • Dakota Johnson cannot stop being iconic and carrying a Smokey eye look in the most perfect way.
  • What is there to say about Taylor Swift she loves to wear a classic Smokey eye in a more subtle brown. And bronze stone which gives a unique and simple look that she know for.
  • Gigi Hadid used large lashes and a bronze brown Smokey hue to complement her face structure and flaunt a beautiful Smokey eye effect. The gorgeous model paired this look with a glossy nude lip which elevated the head appearance manifold.

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