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The skin on our face is approximately ten times thicker than the skin around our eye area. What does that mean? The skin around our eyes is extremely thin and sensitive; therefore, it requires special attention and care too.

So, no person should use the same products on their facial skin and under-eye skin.

Yes, moisturizers do hydrate the skin, but the skin around our eyes and facial skin are different. Because our under-eye skin is thin and has fewer oil glands, it is likely to change quickly with changes in internal or external factors like inadequate sleep, change in diet, hormonal imbalance, ageing, or weather change. It is a sensitive area, hence, reactive to products formulated especially for facial skin. Facial skincare products contain active ingredients that might be too strong for sensitive skin; therefore, one should use under-eye creams that are specially formulated for the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Eye creams are formulated with clinically proven ingredients; they are lightweight, are very soothing, and generally contain two or three key ingredients that target under-eye concerns like dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

Body Lotion For Dry Skin,

Finding the best under-eye cream for all concerns

Before getting the best under-eye cream, it is essential first to understand the concern you have. In this blog, we will provide a quick under-eye care guide that will ease out your journey to clear and healthy under-eye skin.


  1. Dark circles

This is the most common concern that is prevalent in all genders and ages. Dark circles were a common concern in adults, but now even teenagers face this problem these days due to unhealthy diets, excessive screen time, and different lifestyles.

The best eye cream for dark circles is the one that is infused with antioxidants like Vitamin C as its main ingredient will provide maximum benefits.

Also, taking adequate sleep, decreasing screen time, and avoiding salty food and alcohol will allow you to avoid panda-like eyes.


  1. Fine lines and wrinkles

Eye creams with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid help smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. It maintains skin’s elasticity and firmness, making it look more hydrated, plumper, and youthful. The best eye cream for wrinkles is the one that is infused with hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen. It maintains skin elasticity and adds moisture, nourishment, and radiance to the under-eyes.


  1. Puffiness

To avoid puffiness, sleep with your head slightly elevated. It will help the preorbital area from retaining excess fluids. Also, you can apply gentle, cool pressure (you can use a cold spoon) to normalize those eye bags. Under-eye gel packs can also provide relief. You can’t find the best eye cream for puffiness because no cream can guarantee puffiness treatment. However, regularly using a dermatologist-recommended eye cream can help you regulate your blood circulation and reduce puffiness.


Which is better under eye cream or serum?

Eye creams are thick, and their essential job is to saturate the under-eye area. The region around our eyes is incredibly delicate and inclined to dryness. Dryness causes early indications of maturing like kinks, almost negligible differences, and crow’s feet. Eye creams hold dampness around the eyes and decrease puffiness. Creams are thicker and can give dampness just on a superficial level. Eye serums are very light in weight and surface. They venture profoundly into our skin as they have a few supplements and collagen-improving properties. A dermatologist-suggested eye serum gives hydration and decreases wrinkles, scarce differences, and puffiness. It additionally further develops skin versatility and makes the under-eye skin firm.


Which cream eliminates dark circles?

Eye Refining Matrix by FCL Skincare. It is a dermatologist-approved eye serum for dark circles. Under eye, serums are, for the most part, intended to hydrate, saturate, and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. Even while applying eye cosmetics, the under-eye district should initially be ready with a cream or serum and, if vital, a primer. Most of the under-eye creams are formulated with emollient components as well as agents that decrease pigmentation. They may likewise be reinforced with substances that battle ageing. Taking into account all these factors, FCL Skincare has formed the best under-eye cream for dark circles, “FCL Eye Refining Matrix”.

This eye cream contains hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen for the hydration of under-eye skin. Antioxidants, vitamin C, and superoxide algae extract are other ingredients. The other key ingredients that make the difference are:


Grapefruit Extract: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, grapefruit extract has a variety of anti-ageing advantages when applied topically, including maintaining an even skin tone and squelching free radicals.


ReguAge: It locks in moisture, elasticity, and hydration to the skin, giving it a more supple, plump, and wrinkle-free appearance.


Hyaluronic acid: It hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes and significantly lessens the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness.


L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C): This abundant vitamin C contributes to the regulation of collagen synthesis in the skin and encourages the development of the skin’s natural lipid barrier.


What is Eye Refining Matrix price?

The price of Eye Refining Matrix is Rs. 2050. This product is available on their official website and e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Purplle, Nykaa, Tata Cliq and others.


How to use this under-eye cream?

To get the maximum out of this product, you should take out a pea-sized amount on your fingertips and gently dab it around your eyes. Then leave it to get absorbed.

Use this under-eye cream at home twice a day for a few weeks and notice visible results.


Final Verdict!

Under-eye skin is 40% thinner than the rest of the face and its less elastic too. It is essential to give this area a little more care. Avoid rubbing and dragging near the eyes, as this can cause lasting damage. Daily stress and lifestyle play a major role in depicting your facial skin and under-eye skin health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and use a dermatologist-recommended under-eye cream regularly. And, never miss using sunscreen no matter what your skin type is.



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