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Hamdard Safi Review 2024 : Safi for Glowing Pimples Free Skin

Hey guys, Hope you are doing well. Today i’m here with Hamdard Safi Review. I hope you all have started working on your summer plans like shopping, travelling visiting relatives and much more. Well, what about your skin, which is now more prone to sweat, makeup, dust and much more these days and due to all this has started to get those irritating acne, marks and pimples. Urgh! Who wants that?

Latest Hamdard Safi Review For Glowing & Pimple Free Skin

Safi is 100% Safe, so feel free to use for your Pimple Free Skin.

These days I am super busy with my closing year and shoots. All these things have obviously affected my skin care regime which makes my skin even more prone to pimples and acne and that’s when my mom suggested me to start my day with two spoons of SAFI. She told that it is easy to use unlike other skin care routines and treatments hence can effortlessly be a part of my hectic routine.

Safi arsenic – In August 2005 the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom Department of Health reported that samples of Safi contained high levels of arsenic. Source – Wikipedia

Hamdard Safi Review

I am sure every one of you is aware of and must have tasted it at least once in your life.

Safi by the trusted brand HAMDARD is a blood purifier and is available since many years and recommended by all who have tried it. It comes handy in festival days and especially when you need that natural glow on your face all throughout the day.

Hamdard Safi 500ml Price

About SAFI
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SAFI is a Unani Medicine, produced by HAMDARD Safi Blood Purifier. Its used for blood detoxification and improving skin glow, complexion and pimple free skin. Safi purifies the blood from within by giving your liver and the rest of your body the support they need in eliminating the toxins that usually cause acne and blemishes. Safi’s blend of essential herbal extracts keeps your skin pimple free and glowing. Try Safi pimples free tonic.

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Ingredient in Safi

Sana, Sheesham, Sandal, Gilo, Harar, Chiraita, Nilkanthi, Neem, Tulsi,Chobchini, Keekar, Brahmi, Kasni, Unnab, RevandChini, QandSafaid, Shora

Direction to use Hamdard Safi

Take a medium sized glass and table spoon. Fill in with water fully in glass. Now, add two spoons of SAFI in it. you can drink it either with water or milk. Drink it regularly before breakfast for at least 3 weeks.


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It comes in simple plastic bottle. Due to blac it appears black in colour though the bottle is transparent. There is variety of sizes available, the one I got is big in size. The new packaging says 21 days pimple free and glowing skin formula. It has a very practical packaging and hence can be easily carried around in your bag.
kish inside.

safi price 50ml

Benefits of Hamdard Safi

  • Blood Purifier
  • Add glow
  • pimple free skin
  • Natural cure for skin disorder
  • Is not costly as compared to many acne and skin treatments.
  •  It also checks digestion and helps in weight management.

Personal Experience with Safi

Often we have heard that all bitter things have sweet results. Safi is exactly that! Its taste is a bit on the bitter side due to all the natural ingredients it contains but when mixed with one glass of water I completely forgot about its real taste. It however tastes just perfect. So that decided to share Hamdard Safi Review with you.

So, I decided to take this Safi course, and I can’t believe how Safi is doing wonders to my skin.

Safi claims to clear your skin and start seeing the effects in 21 days, it also claims to check nose bleeding, cures constipation, corrects digestion and  helps stay slim, what else a girl or a woman want in life !?

At the end of my SAFI 3 weeks journey, I couldn’t believe the changes I saw in my skin. It came a long way from looking dull & pigmented to looking clearer & glowing. Safi review for weight loss, hamdard safi natural blood purifier. One more thing I realised is that SAFI is not just about looking good on the outside but also feeling good on the inside because it’s all about #RagonMeinKhoobsurati

Safi review quora

Hamdard Safi Review : Safi for Glowing Skin, Safi for Pimples Free Skin

Important Question For Hamdard Safi:

How to drink safi for best results ?

  • According to specialist’s or drug specialist’s recommendation. The suggested portion of the medication is:
  • Safi for Adult Men or Women : 10 ml
  • Safi for Kids: ¼ or ½ of the ordinary portion for example 5 ml estimated from a standard cup.
  • It should be take with warm water,
  • Safi overdose is not good for health and don’t take more than two times per day.
  • It should be take early in the morning.
  • If you missed in morning, you can take half an hour before lunch or dinner.
  • Additionally, It ought to be taken in early morning as it likewise goes about as a diuretic.

Does safi increase acne

No. Safi is most regularly utilized for treatment of Acne, skin break out and skin orders. It is recommended for Acne, skin inflammation and skin issue generally. Safi fixings help battles acne inflammation

How to drink safi for best results in hindi

  • safi for weight loss in hindi
  • दवा विशेषज्ञ की सिफारिश के अनुसार। वयस्क पुरुषों या महिलाओं के लिए साफी : 10 मिली
  • बच्चों के लिए साफी: Kids ¼ या ½ सामान्य भाग के लिए उदाहरण के लिए एक मानक कप से अनुमानित ५ मिली।
  • साफी गर्म पानी के साथ लेना चाहिए, और प्रति दिन दो बार से अधिक नहीं लेना चाहिए।
  • साफी सुबह जल्दी लेना चाहिए।
  • यदि आप सुबह में चूक गए, तो आप लंच या डिनर से आधा घंटा पहले साफी ले सकते हैं।
  • आप इसे दिन में दो बार गर्म पानी के साथ ले सकते हैं|
  • इसे लंच और डिनर से कम से कम आधा घंटा पहले लें|
  • बच्चों के लिए इसकी खुराक 5 मि.ली. और वयस्कों के लिए 10 मि.ली. है|

How much time safi take to work

21 Days, If you take Safi tonic for 21 day regularly, then this will glow your skin, pimple free skin and also help for your weight loss. So please use safi tonic for 21 day continue.

How to take safi before or after meal

Safi should take half an hour before lunch or dinner

साफी को लंच या डिनर से आधा घंटा पहले लेना चाहिए.

Is safi safe

Yes Safi is 100% Safe.

When should I take safi

Best benefit is if you take it early in the morning.

Official Safi TV Advertisement by Sonal Chahuan 

I like to call it my “Magic Potion” & plan to continue having it because finally my skin has started looking good naturally & I wish to keep it that way. I have also referred it to my friends, cousins & how can I miss out on you guys, that is the reason I decided to do this blogpost.

Buy Hamdard Safi – Click Here

So, what are you all waiting for lovelies?  Buy it now and get a pimple free and glowing skin in few weeks.

Stay beautiful from inside and feel beautiful.

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