Hot Lingerie Suggestions To Blow Your Man’s Mind Away

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Who said you need it to be a special day such as birthday or anniversary to make your man go nuts about you? You have the power to make him go crazy as soon as he thinks about you and some time alone with you. Now, even if it’s an important day for which you are making sexy preparations, don’t forget to put lingerie on the list! The power that lingerie holds over your man would surprise and astonish you.

Want to discover? Take our following few suggestions to your bedroom

The next time you want to make it hot for him, and see his mind blow away in seconds.

1. Lace Up

After talking to the experts at Blossoms Lingerie Store, it’s clear to us that befriending hot lace lingerie will do wonders for you. It’s not news that lace has always been a part of the special occasions in couples’ lives which makes it a safe yet charming option for the big night. Choose his favourite if possible to spice it up even more.

2. Experiment With Your Personality

Do not stick to your old ordinary lingerie combo. Be experimental and who knows what you might find. You can choose a corset for a chance to discover the unexpected with your partner. You can even experiment with colours and textures for a change from the old routine. Anything new is good, so keep in touch with your personality and take a pick which is unique for both of you.

3. Hot Backs Turn The Table

When it comes to lingerie, you can either make it sweet or super sexy. Stick to the sexy! You have a wide a variety when it comes to bras which gives you enough elements to experiment with, back being one of the most prominent ones. Do you want to keep it simple, deep or unique? You can choose cross back, stripes, lace and net combo, strings and asymmetrical designs for a saucy look.

4. Babydoll For The Big Night

Babydoll looks attractive and can turn on your man as soon as he lays eyes on you. Once you show up in a baby doll, which is lace or net and shows what he is dying to see, he won’t be able to resist even for a second anymore. Keep your hair tied in a bun so he could see you better. A little makeup and sultry lips will make him nuts for you in this look.

5. Choose The Right Shades

Whether it’s a thong or you are in the mood for wearing paired lingerie, choosing the right shades is vital for you. Even though black and red always turn up the game and look irresistible, you can avoid the monotonous feel with royal shades like royal blue and mauve or you could make it extra sweet with shades like light blue, peach, light pink and green. Keep your personality and skin tone in mind for finding the right colours.

6. Chemises For You

Want a different style in the baby doll category? Chemises can work the night out for you. Slip in a satin chemise in the most exotic shade and let him do the rest. If you want to take it a step further, negligee is the word for you, lady! It’s hot, sexy, gorgeous and shows your intentions clearly. Once you present yourself to him in a negligee, be ready to see his mind blow away.

With the candles in place, flowers scenting the atmosphere and dim lighting setting the mood right, opt for one of the best lingerie pieces with the tips mentioned above and turn the heat up in an instant.

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