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How about Gothic Lolita and its rule of wearing?

Gothic Lolita is a type of Lolita that is primarily inspired by Victorian-era Gothic styles. Japanese musician Mana popularized the style. In the Lolita subculture, Gothic Lolita is a cross between gothic and Lolita styles. Now it’s time to adopt the Gothic Lolita fashion and lifestyle. It is a fun, inclusive hobby with an energetic community, even though cosplaying is time-consuming and expensive. If you like, you can admire all kinds of amazing gothic clothing here. How About Gothic Lolita And its Rule of Wearing? Build a Lolita Outfit

Build a Lolita outfit

You can vary or alter a Gothic Lolita look in many ways, but there are a few basic rules to follow. There are a few facts you must know about Gothic Lolitas, one of them is that they favor dark clothing, except for white or cream accents – they will rarely wear pink or other bright colors. You must know the arrangement of getting dressed in the Gothic Lolita.

Features of Gothic Lolita


Gothic Lolita follows the standard Lolita shape. Such as cupcake shape dresses, JSKs, and bell skirts typically comes with bell-shaped petticoats. There is no restriction on wearing Gothic Lolita, as it also uses an A-line petticoat to give you a more comfortable feel than a bell-shaped one.

Hair and Makeup

With Gothic Lolita, it goes curled hair left down, or even pigtails are popular since suasages curls can also be worn with the over-the-top coordinates. Some people even straighten their hairstyle.

As with all Lolita substyles, dark lipstick is common (in red, wine, dark brown, or even purple), smokey or neatly defined eyes, and light blush, but the style remains natural. It is rare to wear black lipstick. Gothic makeup is often associated with a white powdered face, but it is rarely seen in Lolita since it is perceived as too over the top. Gothic Lolitas like Mana often wear theatrical makeup, but this isn’t considered a “standard” look.


Coffins, dep red roses, crosses, skulls, chandeliers, and castles are the most common themes in Gothic Lolita. Gothic Lolita is mainly characterized by darker colors: black, navy, royal blue, maroon, crimson, and deep purples. Despite being somewhat offensive, white and black color combinations can and have been done tastefully.


Gothic Lolita accessories commonly include bows and headdresses, simple purses adorned with Gothic motifs, more elaborate handbags and wallets, and black or dark tights, stockings, or knee highs with lace tops. Metallic and silver tones are more common than golden ones in jewellery, and gems tend to be dark colours. A lace choker or rosary is often worn in Venice. Lace gloves are also quite common here.


Gothic Lolita’s most popular shoes are Tea Party shoes, Mary Janes, rocking horseshoes, and boots. The most popular heels are low to mid-heels. Dark colours go well with the coordinated outfit.


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