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How Cosmetology Industry Will Surprise in 2024?

The first evidence of cosmetic usage dates to around 5000 years ago. The archaeological evidence proves the importance of cosmetics in the ancient civilizations, where it was used in a more practical way – Defining social statuses and professions. However, later during the Roman culture, makeup and cosmetics were used for beauty enhancement. Find here – How Cosmetology Industry Will Surprise in 2024?

Over the centuries, makeup has gone through umpteen changes and continuously adapted. Today, the makeup or cosmetology industry is a $532 billion business, and seeing a continuous growth of 5% to 7& to reach or excel $800 billion by 2025.

Impact of Covid-19 on Cosmetology Industry:

The cosmetology industry is one of the most hard-hit industries due to its dependency on in-person interaction. However, due to innovation, resilience, and adaptability, cosmetology companies and brands have made changes in the way they interact with customers and now offer direct connections and a better virtual shopping experience. This has gone extremely well with the consumers, as they have become more interested in buying online with the assistance of visual chats and virtual consultations.

Undoubtedly, the physical stores have faced a hit. However, with proper control over distribution, data, and customer relationships, these stores can pave a path for themselves and reduce the impact of this pandemic. Furthermore, a few more initiatives that you can witness in the cosmetology department in the coming year 2022 include:

Inclination towards clean, natural, and sustainable beauty products:

Talking about the product features, customers will be more attracted towards natural and 100% organic products.

Freebies and low cost for new brands:

while already existing brands enjoy customer loyalty, new brands, due to lack of personal hands-on experience, will be following different measures to attract customers – free sample products, low price on items, and similar. 

Cosmetology procedures will gain popularity:

In the year 2022 and following years, customers will be more attracted to cosmetology procedures like hair designing, nail art, skincare, and much more. 

Use of artificial intelligence:

In the coming years, more and more brands will get inclined towards artificial intelligence to attract customers. From skin advice to product components, brands will heavily depend on the support of artificial intelligence to generate customized customer products.

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 In the end, beauty radiates from the confidence, kindness, and intelligence of a person. No matter where technology goes and how the cosmetology industry grows, the customers will claim their right to define beauty on their own terms. 

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