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How Dangerous Is Black Mold? A Simple Guide

It’s elusive and gross, but how dangerous is black mold? An estimated 70% of homes have mold inside of them and your home could be one of them.

We’re here to tell you all about black mold and if it’s dangerous or not. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

What is Black Mold?

Now, there are many types of mold and many of them are black. When we talk about black mold, we’re referring to Stachybotrys chartarum. This mold is often found in basements and other areas that are dark, moist, dank, and can usually be found in areas that have water damage.

Those conditions are what prompt black mold to grow. The dark, wet, and cool atmosphere allow the mold to thrive and spread. It also mostly grows on cellulose-rich materials and without moisture, it can’t grow.

How Dangerous is Black Mold?

Let’s start by asking this: can mold kill you? Not exactly. There are toxic molds out there that can kill humans, but black mold will take a long time.

Because the effects of black mold are so small and take time to do severe damage to the average human, it’s not much of an issue. It’s likely that you’ll catch the problem and have it handled before severe damage is done. But what could happen if you don’t catch the mold in time?

Black mold releases spores called mycotoxins. Should you breathe these in over a long time, you can get black mold poisoning. While it sounds very scary, the reality is more like a cold or the flu.

Those with respiratory problems, a weakened immune system, or a mold allergy are more at risk and can have harsher effects if they have black mold poisoning. Are you worried you or a loved one has black mold poisoning? Let’s look at the symptoms.

Symptoms of Black Mold

Black mold symptoms aren’t difficult to spot, but they are difficult to determine if black mold is the cause of it. Much like the cold or the flu, the more common symptoms include coughing, a stuffy nose, and a sore throat. Should these symptoms arise in you or a loved one, schedule a quick trip to the doctor. It’ll be beneficial whether it’s black mold poisoning or the common cold.

Symptoms for people at risk may be harsher. Some say that black mold can also be the cause of infant pulmonary hemorrhage, but there is nothing to prove this connection

Stay Safe From Black Mold

So, how dangerous is black mold? At face value, not that dangerous. So, it is better to search for experts and black mold removal cost in advance, so that there is no hassle when your house is in attack of black mold.

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