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How to Celebrate Holi Festival 2024 – An Ultimate Guide for Holi 2024

Millions of people today are celebrating Holi Festival, marking the arrival of spring, and depicts the victory of good over evil.

“Festival of Colors” Holi, started yesterday evening and ends tonight, is traditionally observed in India and it’s neighbor Nepal. Now it has spread all over the world.

In this vibrant festival of colors, people smear each other with a paint called ‘Gulal’, throw color powder in the air, toss balloons full of colored water and dance on the very loud music with family, friends, and neighbors.

Every region has a different way of playing Holi, it is almost difficult to say which region plays the best Holi, it simply depends on the people’s personal perspective which kind of experience they want to have. Now let’s see How to celebrate Holi festival in India.

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Here is Ultimate Guide To Celebrate Holi Festival –

When Holi Festival is celebrated?

Holi is celebrated to welcome the advent of cheerful spring and a bye to pale winter.Every march people of India dip themselves in the many hues.

In the upcoming 2024 Holi will be celebrated on 25th March, and Holika Dahan a day before on 24th March, a day before.

When Holi Festival is celebrated

In eastern states, like West Bengal, this festival is celebrated a day prior and in main cities of India like Mathura and Vrindavan where Holi is a very prominent festival, festivities of Holi are commenced a week or so early.

What does Holi is celebrated for?

Holi is a joyous celebration of the arrival of Spring Season and thanksgiving to the good fortune harvest.

What does Holi is celebrated for

“Holi” word is originated from ‘Holika’ evil sister of hellhound king Hiranyakashyap, both conspired to kill his godly son Prahlad but their plan backfired on themselves, Holika got burnt despite being blessed by fire and the pious Prahlad came out safe. So this exuberant festival is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil.

Another legend from Hindu mythology is also commemorated symbol of this colorful festival. According to Hindu belief Lord Krishna being envious of his beloved’s fair complexion, he threw the color on her face to even the score. So this festival is also celebrated in the name of Radha-Krishna’s eternal Love.

Where do people celebrate Holi?

Traditional Holi celebrations are celebrated at its biggest in the middle part of India, majorly in Mathura and Vrindavan, these are the best places of Holi celebrations. Braj is a place around Mathura and Vrindavan that attracts pilgrims and tourists from India as this place is a spiritual land which is the hometown of Radha-Krishna, Legends of the Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Lord Krisha and his beloved Radha spent their childhood in the Braj. Though Holi celebrations are common in all regions of the country “Braj Ki Holi” is known all over India and the world.

Where do people celebrate Holi

The Holi celebration of Barsana and Nandgaon is also renowned in India. Nandgaon is a place of Krishna’s beloved Radha and Nandgaon is a place of Legend Krishna.

The two-day celebration of Holi is a great experience here. The first day men from Krishna’s village go to the Barsana to tease women, in return women chase them with sticks called ‘Lath’, on the other side men are allowed to protect themselves using shields.

How to Celebrate Holi Festival in India?

Many families and Hindu communities hold various several religious ceremonies but for sure for kids and youth, it is more time for fun than religious observance.

How to Celebrate Holi Festival in India

During the first part of the festival, Bonfires are lit to celebrate the triumph of good conquering evil, commemorating the death of demoness named Holika. The remaining ash from the fire is believed to be pious which would bring good fortune. People perform special pujas and sing and dance around the fire and go three times a walk.

People or devotees spend a day out smearing vibrant colored powder over each other’s face, throw bucket’s colored water, lopping Balloons on each other and most amazingly right on the top of the passerby, is a fun frolic day.

Also, people or women involve themselves in the kitchen to make various kinds of sweets such as Gujiya, Rasmalai, Shakarpara, Rice Kheer, Puran Poli and a lot more.

From a kid to an adult, everyone gets very involved in the preparation of Holi in advance and maintain their stock of buckets full of colored water balloons.

Many cities organize several big and average feasts and parties where sometimes parties are dominated by organic colors, high music, elegant dance, pools and many more. The whole city adorns itself with illuminating parties to mark the festival of colors.

Although it is a religious festival of Hindus but the exuberant Holi is celebrated all over the country and is a greater equalizer.

According to many recent researches, it is said, Holi is the only festival in which caste and creed differences are forgotten completely where children can douse water on elders, women splash colors on men’s faces, neighbors and families come together on the streets can play Holi, without acknowledging anybody’s caste or color.

There is a ritual of hugging each other after color smearing on each other. Holi is a festival of the blossoming of love, where everyone gathers, play, laugh, forget and forgive, and also repair bitter relations.

In prominent temples like Dhwarkadheesh, Banke Bihari temple of Mathura and Vrindavan can draw anyone’s mind in some other world, the priest plays dhols, lively music goes on, people dances with a glass full of Bhang in their hands. ‘Bhang’ is a liquid replica of white milk, made by effortful preparation of Cannabis, which makes the people high and they enjoy their fullest.

The ritual of drinking Bhang is almost in every part of north India. Holi celebrations are incomplete without this mind-altering Indian drink.

What safety measures to take on Holi?

  • Close your eyes and shut mouth while smearing color on your face as the chemicals can harm your eyes and chemical intake is always harmful.
  • Women should avoid going out alone in public places, as intoxicated young guys often pose a threat.
  • Try to use organic color powders or colors with fewer chemicals.
  • As some colors are very stubborn to come out easily from skin, so before going to play colorful Holi, it is advisable to apply coconut oil on your skin and hair, to keep yourself away from harsh effects or allergies on the skin.

Holi, Festival of colors, an amazing day to celebrate your life with vibrant colors. Although the way of celebrating Holi may vary from state to state the spirit of the festival is the same throughout the world, to spread brotherhood and happiness. So gird your loins and prepare yourself to have total fun and enjoyment with the vibrant colors in the air for the upcoming Holi. The above guide tells you the whole of the best Holi celebrations. Read it wisely and also, not to forget to take safety measures.


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