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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Special

There is a very special relationship between the child and the mother. “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity; it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. A good mother loves fiercely but ultimately brings up her children to thrive without her.” Mothers Day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in over 46 countries across the globe. Though Mothers Day celebrations take place at different times around the world what is remarkably same are the feelings with which people celebrate Mothers Day. This is so because mothers are as caring in East as they are in the West. The difference between mothers from one part of the world to the other simply does not exist and so are the feelings of children. All over the world people love to celebrate Mothers Day with their mothers and shower love on them.

Here few ideas for you! How to celebrate Mother’s Day Special

  1. Create a homemade letter or Mother’s Day Card-

This should be a genuine, heartfelt display of gratitude and appreciation. Think about why you love, respect, and appreciate your mother and what you hope she knows on this special day.

  • Be specific about actions for which you are thankful, such as her driving you to school daily or preparing your favorite dish every weekend.
  • Brainstorm your favorite memories or qualities that you wish to pass along to your own kids.

2. Gift for sports lover mommy-

It is an amazing choice to give sports-related gifts to your mother if she loves games as there are a lot of options available like jerseys, cards, match tickets and many more. It is a great addition to any collection.

  • You can surprise her with an autographed baseball cardit is a thoughtful and unique way of making a great gift for the sports fan.
  • Also, you can frame the cards and hang them on the wall.

3. Planning A Special Party For Her

Choose a venue-

There are plenty of options for where you choose to host your party: at home, at a restaurant, at a ballroom. Keep in mind both the guest count and budget when deciding where to host the event.

  • House parties are more cozy and intimate, and definitely cost a lot less. You can try hosting a backyard brunch or a formal dinner with a few of her closest family and friends.
  • Many restaurants accept reservations for large parties, and some even have “party rooms” available to rent. Determine the headcount for the party and call your mom’s favorite restaurant to ask about reservations and space available to accommodate your party.

The price of ballroom rentals varies greatly based on location. For example, your local ballroom may be cheaper than a ballroom at a hotel. Also, some don’t allow outside food or drinks so shop around determining what fits your budget and your needs.

Invite guests-

Consider who your mom would enjoy sharing her special day with, and determine whether the party will be a surprise or not.

  • You can invite guests in many ways including online (Evite), by printed paper invitations, or just through word of mouth.
  • Remember to keep the number of guests appropriate to the size of the venue.

Put together a menu-

The food menu is not only determined by the time of day, but also by your mom’s personal taste. Be sure to serve your mom’s favorite dishes to show that you have put thought into the planning process.

  • If you’re unsure what your mom’s favorite dishes are, ask others who are close to her or ask her months in advance. Search for recipes online if you’re anxious about preparing a dish.
  • Homemade isn’t always better. Don’t feel bad about purchasing pre-made food, especially if your mother enjoys it. You can always purchase from a grocery store or order take-out from her favorite restaurant.
  • Catering is also an option. The cost of catering varies greatly depending on the type of food and the company. Most caterers charge by the person at either a fixed priced per dish, or tiered pricing (where the smaller the party the more the item costs). On top of this, caterers may also charge taxes and travel fees.

Choose a theme and decoration-

Does your mother prefer flowers and butterflies or football and motorcycles? Determine her interests in order to put together a party that reflects who she is, and what she enjoys. The theme will have an impact on everything from the decorations to the activities.

  • For example, a tea party themed brunch might be appropriate to celebrate your mother. Decorate with centerpieces and flowers, and serve various teas and finger foods to keep mom and guests satisfied.
  • Try a garden inspired luncheon complete with flower centerpieces, fresh fruit, and mimosas.

Toast your mother to show her your appreciation-

As the party gets underway, toast your mother to show her that this is her special day. Remind her why she deserves to be honored. Don’t be cliche in reminding her of all of her wonderful attributes; instead, dig deep and think of all the wonderful things she has done for you.

  • For example, think of all of the macaroni necklaces she had to wear over the years. Think of how many times she had to drag herself out of bed on a Saturday morning for ballet practice. Remind her that she is deserving of all the praise on this day.
  • If you have a gift for words or music, sometimes writing a poem or song can help to better get across these sentiments.
  • Say “I love you.” Very simple, but very effective.

4. Amazing Gift For Her

Buy personalized jewelry-

Instead of buying a plain, generic piece of jewelry, try having something custom made to suit your mom’s personality and taste. You have to not only think about her jewelry preferences (bracelets, rings, gold, silver, etc.), but you also have to keep her interests in mind.

  • For example, charm bracelets offer a lot of personalization because many jewelers have charms to represent everything including religion, sports, music, dance, and more.
  • If you have siblings you can purchase a piece that includes the birthstones of all her children.
  • Shop at smaller farmer’s markets or online to find one-of-a-kind pieces; some can even be hand-pressed and personalized.

Give her flowers-

It may seem cliche but many women still enjoy receiving flowers as a sign of appreciation. The hardest part will be determining what type of blooms your mother would best enjoy.

  • Visit a florist to determine the florist’s style, specialties, to ask questions, and to see the bouquets in person.
  • No flowers really “clash” with each other so don’t worry about choosing “ugly” flowers. Instead, choose blooms based on your mother’s favorite colors or smells.
  • Bouquets normally only last 4-5 days so be prepared to put in a little work to make them last longer. Change the water daily, make sure the stems are cut at an angle, and add sugar or aspirin to the water to extend the life.

5. Take Her To A Spa Day

The name of the game is treating you’ self, so show your mother, significant other, or wife you care by giving her the full-blown spa treatment.

What does a “spa day” even look like? Some potential treatments could include:

  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Hair treatment
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Body treatments (like a body wrap or exfoliate)

If you want to turn it into an outing and do some bonding, tag along, too! Seriously, it’s perfectly normal for men to hit up the spa nowadays. Plus, if you go with your wife or partner, it can be great to relax and reconnect away from the stresses of daily life. You can even pair this activity with others on this list, like going on a picnic beforehand or heading out to dinner afterward.


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