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How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Are you confused as to which Natural Hair Color to opt for your hairs? Is it that you are totally confused about how much will the hair color suit your complexion? Well, we suggest you understand the best trick in terms of choosing the right kind of hair color that works as the ultimate fashion​trick for getting you gorgeous tresses of amazing hues, for the trick lies in opting for the perfect color shade that matches your skin tone. It is always advisable to opt for a Natural Hair Color like that of the Indigo Hair Dye that can help get a variety of rich color shades. Most importantly, Indigo Hair Dye colors your hairs with complete care and in addition, this organic hair dye can help enhance the health and texture of the hairs while giving you softer, stronger and silkier hairs of excellent shine and volume.

In the contemporary times of high fashion consciousness, why not set your own fashion trend​with gorgeous hairs of funky colors? Let your colored hairs grab the majority of attention wherever you go with rich and classy shades that matches your skin tone perfectly. All you need to do is first understand your skin tone perfectly for only then will you be able to choose the hair color that helps complement your complexion. Natural dyes like Indigo Hair Dye provides for a damage free hair coloring experience and being of completely organic essence, it is free from any kind of side effects or allergies.

Here’s how to go about sporting that perfect shade of Natural Hair Color for your lovely hairs:

Light Skin Tone: ​

If you happen to have a light skin​ ​tone, then go in for natural looking red hair colour. This ultimate contrast of the light and dark hues help complements your skin tone to the best extent. Cinnamon browns, warm cooper and strawberry blonde shades work wonders for the respective complexion. It is best to avoid dark colours or blacks, for they tend to make you look paler. Therefore, create a stylish bold look by flaunting your red mare as you mix the completely natural Indigo Hair Dye with henna powder in the required proportion for the classy shade of hair color that you are eager to flaunt.

Natural Tan Skin Tone:

In general individuals with this natural tan skin tone​are born with black hair in the majority. The monotony of the black hair can be transformed by opting for a warm brown shade and you can further enhance the look by going in for streaks of honey coloured highlights. If you have lighter undertones to the said complexion, then you can opt for funky hairstyles that uses streaks of blue, purple or red colour highlights. Choose to try out Natural Hair Color that can get you all the said shades of hair color and in case you are eager to go in for blue hairs, then indigo works as the best choice for it is known to be instrumental in coloring your hairs with a natural blue tint.

Dusky Skin Tone: ​

In general, dusky people are born with deep colour hair, i.e. black. But it is amazing to know that people of the dark complexion can go in for shades like blonde, auburn brown or brunette that perfectly enhances the look by adding to the said skin tone. You can try out balayage as well, choose a contrasting hair dye shade and remember to apply your favourite dye very lightly at the base of the selected hairs and with a heavy application of the same at the tips to bring out the effect perfectly.

Rock the ultimate look of chic and trendy fashion with rich and attractive shades with the Natural Hair Color as you match it with your skin tone.

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