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How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Your Needs

Have you been thinking about getting into Tennis? You’re going to need to pick up the right pair of shoes. You can’t slip on your regular ones and call it a day.

This is a good way to injure yourself. The best tennis shoes will support you as you run across the court. Tennis players have to make sudden stops.

Having the right sneakers will ensure that you don’t twist your ankle. You also have to consider the surface of the court that you’re playing on.

Check out this guide to learn more about picking out a good pair of shoes before you go shopping for some that meet these criteria.

Tennis Shoes Vs. Running Shoes

It’s a common misconception that tennis shoes fall into the same category as every other athletic footwear out there. This isn’t the case.

A pair of authentic Jordans will keep you moving forward well enough, but tennis shoes allow you to easily move from side to side. They let the player make sudden stops without worrying about twisting their ankle.

Running shoes have a soft heel that softens the blow when your feet make contact with concrete. Tennis shoes don’t. They’re a little sturdier in the heel department.

What Type of Court Are You Playing On?

All tennis shoes have a special bottom that will help you play better depending on what type of court you’re on. The most popular type is the hardcourt. The herringbone pattern provides plenty of grip while also letting you move freely.

Most of the time, these shoes come with a midsole that transfers your energy as you move around. This allows them to absorb some of the shock that comes from slamming your foot down on a hard surface.

The zig-zag pattern on the bottom of some tennis shoes makes them perfect for clay courts. It keeps debris out of the outsole, so your shoes never lose their grip.

Grass court shoes have little nubs on the outsole that grip the ground as you run. This stops you from slipping while you play.

How Tight Do the Shoes Need to Be?

It will be hard for you to take advantage of your tennis shoes if they don’t fit right. They should be secure and comfortable. We will say that comfort is all up to personal preference.

Some tennis players prefer the snug fit. It keeps the shoes on their feet and makes them feel like an extension of the body. Other tennis players like for their shoes to be a little more on the loose side.

Finding the Best Tennis Shoes to Up Your Game

You can’t play tennis without the right gear. One of the more important things that you need to pick up is the best tennis shoes. You can’t wear the same sneakers to the court that you use for working out.

They need to be designed for the game. This will allow you to play optimally without harming yourself.

Are you looking for more ways to dress for the court? Check out our blog daily for more tips on how to buy tennis shoes.

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