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How To Choose The Right Shade Of Lipstick For Dark Lips

You go through certain dilemmas if your lips are dark. It takes a lot of effort to figure out which lip colours work best for you every time you go out shopping. This also implies that you should avoid blindly following beauty trends. It’s a lot easier once you have a ‘lip colour list’ that works for you and can prevent you from a ‘lipstick disaster’! Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of the best colours that will suit your dark lips and your lips will look best. However, many people are getting their hands on a mini lip kit to carry your favs while travelling. So, you can check out this too! Now let’s dive into choosing the right shade of lipstick for your darker lips. Find here – How To Choose The Right Shade Of Lipstick For Dark Lips.

Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Lips

Deep Wine or Burgundy

The best thing about having dark lips is that you can wear dark and strong colours with ease. You can go for the darker shades like burgundy which is a perfect option because they mask pigmentation right away. This means you can be completely carefree while yet looking fantastic for a night out or a special occasion.

Get Ready with Red

We all want that one bold and stunning shade of red lipstick, regardless of our lip colour. Dressing up for a night out or any other event is considerably easier with a shade of red lipstick because it instantly adds the glamour quotient.

Not So Pink but A Charming Pink

Aside from red, it’s a pink tint that’s a must-have in most make-up pouches. The lip shades like pinks, peaches, and even lighter colours should be avoided since pigmentation will show through and make the lips appear grey. If you still want to wear a pink or peach, use an orange-toned corrector to colour correct your lips, then dab some concealer on the lips to neutralize the pigmentation. Then, using your choice colour, line your lips and fill them in with your favourite pink or peach hue.

Pop An Orange

Coral and orange are two colours that have recently dominated make-up trends. You may be hesitant to try this on dark lips, but there’s no need to avoid this popular shade. Orange also helps because it neutralizes rather than conceals the darker pigmentation.

Texture Is The Main Trick To Apply

The key to making a lipstick work for you, whether it’s a matte or a moisture lipstick, is to combine the two. Make sure the lipstick you’re wearing is matte, and you can add gloss later by softly dabbing some gloss over it. Avoid glossy lipsticks, which have a higher potential of fading and so revealing your pigmentation.

With a little help, you can easily achieve extremely great lips that complement the rest of your outfit. While dark lips can be caused by excessive coffee intake, exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalances, or other hazardous UV rays. Also, avoid cigarettes which is the most common cause of black lips.

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