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How To Compliment A Plus Sized Girl?

If you think a backhanded compliment when speaking to a plus size woman is going to make you look glib and cool, well it’s time to rethink what you’re saying. Let’s clear that up right off the bat, backhanded compliments aren’t real compliments at all. So be careful of how you word what you say to her. Moreover, don’t make a plus-size woman the butt of any jokes or compare her with any other women – that’s not a rule or etiquette but just basic decency. Find here – How To Compliment A Plus Sized Girl?

You might even think that saying, ‘That dress looks great on a person of someone your size’ might actually be a compliment for a curvy woman, but trust us when we tell you that it’s not. Even though you might be saying in good faith, it might just come across as condescending and as if you’re pointing out her size which is a complete no-no when it comes to complimenting women.

Complimenting a Plus Sized Girl

Long story short, if you want to compliment a sexy plus size lingerie girl the right way, there is actually no special or specific way of complimenting her. You must endow her with appreciation as you would do with any other woman. Why can’t one just say, “You look so beautiful today!’ to any kind of woman, regardless of her body type? There are various signs you are attractive.

So if you’ve been thinking that there is a unique way of complimenting plus-sized women, you might just be mistaken. They deserve love and respect like any other woman out there! But to help you out a little further, read below this list of basic tips when speaking to a plus-sized woman. Once you’re done reading this guide, you’ll probably never make a faux-pas around her! Let’s get started. 

1. ‘You look really nice in that color’, is a great way to go

Taking a neutral stance but still keeping it a little specific, this is a great thing to say to any woman, especially plus sized girls. It doesn’t comment on her body or even her beauty per se. It just talks about how much she’s glowing in that color she is wearing!

2. Calling them ‘Confident’ might actually do more harm than good

You probably think that saying, ‘Wow! You look so confident in that outfit’ is supposed to be something that every curvy woman wants to hear but that is just not true. That line will actually do more harm than good. Your intention might be good but it can sound a wee bit condescending.

3. Maybe just stop complimenting people’s bodies altogether

Making a compliment on a woman’s physique or external sex appeal might only be the right thing to do if you’ve been flirting with them. But in general, it can actually seem a little bit creepy especially if they did not see it coming. Our advice is whether it is a curvy woman or not, just refrain from unnecessarily talking about people’s bodies.

The reason this post is so short is because there really isn’t much more to it! There isn’t a guide to compliment plus sized women because they should be complimented the same way as regular women. But this little guide can help you not make any major mistakes when you’re overthinking. All women are beautiful, and hopefully, let’s try to see them all that way too.

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