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How To Cut Bangs On Wigs

Face-framing flirtatious bangs can make anyone look more stylish and sassy. 

Bangs or long fringes are almost the equivalent of male beards – they need patience and maintenance to look their best but never fail to impress. 

From kids to women, 2023 was all about flaunting those tactfully cut bangs that accentuated the facial features like no other haircut. 

Though chic in appearance, bangs or fringe can be an intimidating hairstyle to try. If not cut well, you might need to spend the next few months hiding under a rock. 

Before we dive straight into the topic of how to cut bangs on your wigs, we insist that you get this cut done professionally. Your hair stylists know the trick of the trade and will be best skilled to manipulate your hair to get the bang or fringe that suits you the best. 

However, if you are confident that you can cut a bang on a wig for women, go for it!

Cutting bangs on women’s wigs can be a bit tricky, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done easily. 

Some human hair wigs come pre-styled with bangs, while you also get fringe hairpieces that can be attached to your natural hair. Before you invest in such hairpieces for women, consider that a bang may not suit you at all. 

Pro tip: It’s better to try cutting bangs on an older hair topper for women or any human hair wig for women that is still in good condition. In this way, you are not risking a new women’s hairpiece, and you get to try the bang on your personal wig that you are already comfortable using. 

What are the different types of bangs you can try out on your women’s wig?

A number of bangs are ruling the fashion charts, leaving something for everyone. 

  • Blunt Bangs
  • Curtain Bangs
  • Bottleneck Bangs
  • Baby Bangs or Micro Bangs
  • Side-Swept Bangs
  • Wispy Bangs
  • Layered Bangs
  • French Girl bangs
  • Mall Bangs
  • Moon Bangs

Before you start cutting the bangs, keep these tools and hair accessories in place:

  • The high-quality human hair wig or synthetic wig you want to cut the bangs on. Monofilament wigs are great for this haircut as one does not need to worry about an exposed hairline. 
  • Decide the length and style of your bang. Keep shears or sharp haircutting scissors, professional hairstyling razors, comb, wig brush, blow dryer, mannequin head, and clips or hair ties ready. 
  • If you choose to wear the wig while cutting it, ensure it is well-aligned and securely in place on your head. Be careful not to hurt yourself, especially your eyes, with the scissors. 

Comb and section the hair

Use a comb or a wig brush to brush the clean wig gently. If it helps, you can straighten the wig with a straightener. Comb the hair forward to remove any part line and section the hair in an inverted V  or triangle section from the crown to the temples, keeping the hairline as the base.

Then, section this into two parts to work on and align during the process. 

Start with small sections, and if needed, you can increase the area or volume of the bang accordingly.  

Remember, you can not get back the length that is cut off. It is not natural hair, so it will not grow back. Start with a little longer length than desired. Also, remember that the bang will shorten a bit when dry. 

Secure the rest of the wig hair back with clips to avoid any accidental cutting.

Cutting the bang

Start with a small mid-section of your hair just above your nose. Gentry pull and straighten the section out by placing the hair between your non-dominant hand’s index and middle finger. Your hand hair should be placed away from your forehead. 

Depending on the kind of bang you choose, you either position your fingers straight or at a 45-degree angle to cut the hair.  The eyebrow level should be your guide, and the hair must always be cut from below your finger level. 

Take a pair of sharp shears or scissors for a clean cut, and carefully snip the edges of the bangs at a 45-degree angle or do it vertically with point-cutting. Continue to cut across with small snips until the entire bang area has been cut. Now, repeat the process with the other sections.

Checking the length

Aligning both bang sections to create a cohesive look is very important. Now that the entire bang is cut, comb out the bang and check for any odd lengths or any strands that haven’t been cut well. Make the changes with a few snips to get a well-blended look. You can add some longer hair strands on the sides for a framing effect. You can also add some layers to your bang for a dimensional effect. 

Style the wig

To style the bangs of a wig, use a round wig brush or flat iron to shape them. You can add texture by creating a wispy effect with wig-friendly hair texturizing products if desired. 

Cutting bangs on a wig can transform your appearance, but it’s essential to proceed with caution and patience to achieve the desired style without ruining your wig.

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