How To Decorate Your Home With Waste Material

Discover how to make attractive things from wast material!

Don’t toss that away just yet, you never know where you can use it. Use spend elements to make something which is useful or attractive & innovative. So now decrease spend reducing affordable. 

Here are 10 home decorating DIY concepts for Eco-friendly developing components, reprocessed home products and more.

1. Cracked Plate Wall Art

How to decorate your home 1

Cracked or broke a plate? Worry not, you can actually use it to decorate your walls. Plates make great wall art as they are, but the cracks add an additional whimsical element to them.

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2. Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art

How to decorate your home with Toilet Paper Tube

They do and you can create these cute little flowers to decorate any wall. At the end, your home will look wonderfully ready for Christmas and the environment will thank you If you like the idea of reusing plastic bottles then here you will find some easy and interesting DIY plastic bottle projects.

3. Old T-Shirt Rug

How to decorate your home with Old T-Shirt Rug

If you haven’t gotten rid of your old t-shirts, good for you. You can quite easily make this awesome rug out of them. Swipe your magic creativity on bowling balls to make them ladybug garden decorations.

4. DIY Plastic Bottle Projects

How to decorate your home with Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles are something that you will definitely see in your house, some might be new while others might be old. You might be thinking about throwing away these bottles, however a better solution would be to reuse them. Keep in mind that reuse and recycle are very different terms, but both have advantages.

5. Beautiful Christmas Garland out of PET Bottles

How to decorate your home with PET Bottles

Have a beautiful Christmas wreath out of PET bottles via your own hands. Take some unused PET bottles and start making a beautiful handmade decoration for this year’s holiday. At the end, your home will look wonderfully ready for Christmas and the environment will thank you.

6. Decorate Mirrors With Frames

Decorate mirrors with frames

Decorate mirrors with frames made from plastic spoons or cut glass and gemstone. Adorn your wall with a rainbow artwork painting or create a mural styled mantelpiece artwork. While you are playing with colors, go for an outside multi hued wooden clock.

7. Gift Colored Salt Bottles

Gift colored salt bottles

Gift colored salt bottles made with simply rubbing the salt with crayons. Use wood blocks or logs by drilling multiple holes to make pencil, paintbrush or flower holders. Swipe your magic creativity on bowling balls to make them ladybug garden decorations.

8. Glitter Wine Bottle

Glitter wine bottle decote ideas

What if Diwali lights shoved in a wine bottle covered in glitter, how beautiful would it look. Putting your creativity to best use you can use the spare wine bottles in the house to illuminate your place.

9. Newspaper Holder

Newspaper Holder Decorate Home

Cut the upper portion of plastic bottles with all the same sizes, line them together in a piece of metal or wooden stick, and use them as a newspaper holder. You can place it by the bedroom, in a reading nook by the living room or in the patio so that you can directly organize the newspaper soon after they are delivered do your doorstep.

10. Flower Vases

Flower Vases Decorate Ideas

You frequently see beautifully painted vases at antique shops or flower shops, but these are merely recycled items. Make your own by using matte white spray paint and old glass or plastic bottles of milk or beer. Allow drying and voila, you have an instant flower vase without spending a cent.


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