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How to do spiral curls with rollers? – A women’s fashion guide

Whether you are talking about a willowy model of backstage or grannies in nightgowns, the hair rollers have become quintessential for the woman. However, in the recent times, the demand of this product is reportedly diminished to a great extent. Still, a wide variety of stock of this hot roller for long hairs can be observed in the markets.

Whether you are going out for a dinner date with your partner or attending an official meeting in your workplace, a hair roller is commonly utilized in various occasions. The hair rollers can be either used to straighten the hairs or to create natural looking curls. Nowadays, spiral curls are often preferred by most of the ladies. So if you are looking out for the guide on how to do spiral curls with rollers then read the below-mentioned tips to find out the same.

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Step by step guide on How to do spiral curls with rollers

If you really desire to get creative with your straight hairs by forming spiral curls then your utmost consideration should be the right tools and techniques to do the same. Here are some steps to get spiral curls with your rollers in the easiest yet effective way

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Steps 1

Prior to applying the machine to your hairs, make sure to heat it up. Besides that, avoid executing the machine on wet hairs. Once you have heated up the machine, divide your hairs into various sections with a gap of around 1-2 inch depending upon the length of spirals you want.

Step 2

Once your hairs are evenly divided into sections, you can proceed to roll the first section of your hairs. In order to provide a proper coating to your hairs, it is recommended to opt for a gel. This will provide a better grip between the hair section and your hand.

Step 3

Hold the end portion of your hairs with your fingers and begin rotating the rolling device. Make sure to hold the tip of the hair firmly and wrap the particular section of your hairs slowly. This wrapping should be processed with the entire section of your head i.e. until the roller reaches your scalp.

Step 4

Once you are done with a particular section of your hairs, keep that portion aside to mark it done. This step of rolling and wrapping the hairs from neck to the scalp should be processed with each section and layers of your hairs.

Step 5

Use your fingers to form loops and natural looking spiral curls in your hairs. Once you have rolled the whole sections, your hairs are now ready to be sprayed and set.


This way you can roll your hairs to form perfect spiral curls. In the recent times, Velcro Rollers, Flexi Rods, extra large Foam rollers, steam rollers, and etc are the famous brands that widely utilized for wrapping up the hairs to form spiral curls. You can easily get this roller from the reputable online stores or can find the same in the local retail markets.

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