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How to Feel More Confident About Your Appearance

The overwhelming amount of pressure exerted on a person’s self-esteem when faced with the idealistic and unrealistic images made easily visible through digital media makes it more difficult than ever to feel confident about your appearance. It seems as if beauty standards have begun to play a more central role in how society values an individual, which can make enhancing your looks one of your top priorities. While it’s important to acknowledge that how a person looks has nothing to do with their innate value as a human being, it’s understandable that feeling good about your appearance can make life more enjoyable.

What Does it Mean to Feel Confident?

Confidence is comfort in the knowledge that you are deserving of respect. It isn’t arrogantly believing that you are better than other people, and it isn’t mistakenly thinking that you are inferior either. Someone with healthy confidence is able to trust themselves and connect to reality without insecurity. This makes it easier to act with purpose and direction. If having a more positive view of your own physical appearance will contribute to increased self-confidence, here are some ways to start.

Enjoy Your Own Sense of Style

Having a unique sense of style is a great way to separate yourself from the pressure of keeping up with fashion trends. By wearing what makes you feel attractive and comfortable, you are telling yourself that you see value in your individuality rather than wishing you were like everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with wearing women’s cowboy boots with a maxi dress or putting hundreds of patches on your jacket if that’s what it means to express yourself.

Care for Your Skin

In pursuit of conventional beauty, some people might try a variety of approaches. One of the simplest and healthiest methods of feeling good about your appearance is to treat yourself to good skincare. With fresh and clear skin, you will feel much more confident about showing off your beautiful face. Some helpful basics include:

  • Cleaning your face twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed.
  • Avoiding the temptation to over-exfoliate. Once a week is usually enough.
  • Rehydrating your skin with moisturizer.
  • Wearing sunscreen even on overcast days. Your future self will thank you.

Look After Your Hair

Strong and healthy hair can go a surprisingly long way to making you feel more confident. Many people have had the experience of leaving the salon with a haircut they despise and finding that their confidence takes a huge knock until it has grown out again. Try not to use too much heat or harsh chemicals on your hair to prevent damage. If you have little or no hair, shampoo is still important for keeping your scalp healthy.

Remember that how you feel and how you contribute to the world are far more important than what other people think of your appearance. If you like the way you look and can appreciate the beauty in everyone, you will live a happier, more confident life.

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