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How to Get Rid of Period Cramps

In red light days, the body is very sensitive. Keep away from drinks that cause your body to become tired and uncomfortable.Signs of a red light day such as lower abdominal pain, back pain, flatulence, or cramps before the period are all normal symptoms. With continuous hormonal changes in the body also cause less discomfort for women.On the other hand, during the menstrual period, a large amount of blood is lost so that women are often stressed, tired. A scientific diet is essential, removing

the following drinks during the red light day will help you to be healthier.

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1. Green Tea

Green tea is known for its beauty benefits, preventing aging. However, menstrual periods should not be taken by bad effects on these special days.

During hemoglobin, protein in the blood is often pushed higher. So during this time women often lack iron. Green tea contains up to 30% tannic acid. This is a compound that is easy to combine with iron and precipitates, consume B vitamins in the body, causing difficulties in the metabolism of carbohydrates, impeding the absorption of the intestines. This is the cause of iron deficiency in the body becomes more serious.

Also, drinking green tea these days also cause chest pain, abdominal pain, and cramps before the period becomes more. Makes the body feel heavier and more tired. So you should stop drinking green tea these days.

2. Alcoholic Beverages

Beverages that contain stimulants such as beer, alcohol … absolutely should not be used on red light days because it can seriously affect blood circulation and cause iron deficiency in the body. During menstruation, women drink more alcohol than normal because the amount of enzyme hangover in the body is reduced.

Especially drink beer, wine in the red light days cause a sense of restlessness, anxiety, discomfort can lead to depression and very harmful to the stomach. Also to increase the amount of enzyme hangover to detoxify the body, the liver must also operate at full capacity, easy to do liver function is reduced. This leads to cramps before the periodand abdominal cramping.

3. The Coffee

In coffee containing caffeine, it is considered as a premenstrual stimulant element – emotionally released substances. It makes you feel special, like anxiety, irritability, stress, heat stroke and sleeplessness. If you regularly mix with coffee, you should eliminate them during menstruation.

4. Carbonated Drinks, Canned Fruit Juice

This is a drink that most women use daily, despite being warned with many effects not good for the body. Especially in red light days if using carbonated drinks will often have feelings of fatigue, dizziness, abdominal pain here is the expression of iron deficiency. If you have cramps before the period, the contractions will occur continuously and make you more uncomfortable than usual.

The explanation for this is that the carbonated soft drink is mainly phosphate. This inhibits the absorption of iron into the body, causing a severe iron deficiency.

Also, the bicarbonate sodium contained in fresh juice and canned juice reduces the digestive and antacid role of acid in the stomach, making you feel full stomach and anorexia.

There are quite a few people, cramps before the periodand menstrual cramps are obsessions with them. You should rest and relax more; the gentle exercise is also very good. Beyond the tips on nutritious supplements that benefit your girlfriend on red lights. And by the above article, hope you have a good idea of the drinks you should avoid when you are in your period.

It will be helpful for your health.


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