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How to Highlight Hair at Home – Step by Step Guide

Highlighted hairstyles always trending in fashion. Anyone can change their boring look with a stylish highlight. Instead of changing the whole hair color, highlighted hair looks smarter and more gorgeous. For getting a highlight treatment you do not need to go salon, just try at home. Here in this article is a proper guideline for highlighting procedures at home. Let’s read it.

How to highlight hair at home with or without highlighting kits:

If you want to highlight your hair at home then choose the best highlighting kit. Several good beauty brands launch their highlighting kits. Follow this part and know how to highlight hair at home with a highlighting kit.

Ultralight highlighting kit from Streax:

With this highlighting kit, you can highlight your hair easily at home. The creamy highlighter is enriched with Moroccan argon oil and walnut oil delivers rich color and improves the shine and smoothness of hair. Just choose the hair strength you wish to highlight then mix the color powder and the developer in a bowl in a 1:2 ratio and apply the mixture to the chosen hair strands with the applicator brush. Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour then wash the hair with Herbal shampoo and apply conditioner. After drying you will see the fabulous hair transformation.

L’Oreal Paris excellence fashion hair highlighting kit:

This leading beauty brand might be the first company which launches the easiest self-highlighting kit for home trials. The creamy formula includes all essential nutrients to improve the hair quality and add beauty salon-like Ultra glamorous highlights to your hair. Shades of highlighter are perfectly designed for dark Indian hair. You have to just apply the creamy formula with an applicator on the part you want to highlight and leave it for 45 minutes. Then wash and apply conditioner then see the magical effect of this highlighter kit.

Garnier hair highlighting kit:

Garnier is one of the leading beauty brands in India and its highlighter kit is just awesome. If you do not know how to highlight hair at home with the Garnier highlight kit then do not worry because it’s so simple. The wide range of highlighting shades starts from black to light blonde. Just pick the favorite highlighter of Garnier multiplies highlighting kit and apply the creamy formula to the Hair strands you wish to highlight. They leave it for at least 30 to 45 minutes and wash it. This highlighter kit is perfect for giving you highlights with the undertone of your choice with no extra hassle and the result is so amazing.

If you do not have much time to buy a highlighter kit then just highlight your hair with simple elements available in the kitchen.

  1. Lemon is a good natural hair highlighter as it includes citric acid which can change hair color if exposed to heavy sunlight.
  2. When the hair cortex absorbs the citric acid and if exposed to the ultraviolet Ray from the Sun that reduces the millennium and light end hair color. This formula accelerated the brightening process.
  3. So, mix two parts of lemon juice with one part of water and apply to the part you want to highlight. If you have dry hair then add the conditioner to the mixture and then apply it to your hair.
  4. After the application exposes your hair to the sunlight at least for 2 hours. You will surely see the lighter and brighter color difference naturally.

This is the fastest way to highlight hair at home. If you have long hair then use tea liquor to highlight your hair. It is the easiest way to highlight long hair at home naturally. Divide your hair into different parts and apply the liquor for at least 1 to 2 hours. It will naturally darken the hair color and will look like highlights in your hair.


How to highlight hair at home with or without foil:

Highlighting hairs with foil highlighters at the most traditional way that anyone can apply at home. Just follow the guideline and know how to highlight hair at home with foil.


  1. Divide the hair strands you wish to color then be covered with strips of aluminum foils. It traps the heat and helps the color process faster.
  2. Mix the highlighter formula and apply it to the desired area. Then cover it with Aluminium foil strips and fold it.
  3. Leave it to set and check the time duration given as instructed. After that remove the foil and wash off the hair with colors safe shampoo and conditioner.

You may feel trouble highlighting your hair with Aluminium foil if the length is long. So, you should know how to highlight hair at home without foil. In that case, you need a thin-headed brush or a toothbrush will be better. Mix the highlighter formula and apply it through a brush on both sides of your desired hair stands. Leave it according to the instruction then wash it with color-protected shampoo.


How to highlight hair at home with a cap:

If you want to make the highlighting process too simple, you say shower cap. A shower or highlighter cap will keep separate the highlighted hair and natural hair during the highlighting procedure. So, both the hair will not mix and you can do the highlighting procedure perfectly. So, let’s check out how to highlight hair at home with a cap.


  1. Cover your whole hair with the shower captain take a hairbrush with a long-pointed handle.
  2. After that bring out the Desire hair parts you wish to color from the cap by the pointed end of the brush. Then apply the highlighter formula to the outside hair.
  3. After drying remove the shower cap and wash the whole hair with color-protected shampoo.

How to highlight hair at home with bleach:

Facial bleach formula can turn black hair into dark red. So, from this section, you will know how to highlight here at home with bleach.


  1. Just apply the simple bleach formula to the Desire part of your natural hair or white hair. Then leave it for at least 15 to 20 minutes not more than that.
  2. Then wash it with Herbal shampoo and use the conditioner to avoid the dryness. In that case, you can also use the shower cap method to highlight your hair with bleach.

Online tutorial for highlighting hair at home:

You can find several highlighting tutorials on Google and YouTube in your preferred language. Just search how to highlight hair at home. you can get content narrated in your native language. Search like how to highlight hair at home in Hindi or Bengali or any other language. Watch the online tutorials carefully and follow the guidelines step by step before trying it on your own. With proper audio-visual guidelines, you can do better at home without any trouble.

How to choose perfect highlights for you:

Before doing highlights on your hair, choose the perfect highlighter shade. Shades should complement your natural hair color as well as personality.

  • Different brown shades like Dark, light brown, chocolate, and mahogany are perfect for Indian dark hair. Those highlighter shades provide a classic elegant look on Indian dark hair.
  • If you want a fashionable look then use colorful DIY highlights for dark hair. Red, blue, pink, and blond highlights can change the natural hair appearance drastically. This style can give you a bold attractive look.


See how easily you can highlight your hair at home. You need just minimum equipment to highlight your hair at home. A new look always gives a kick to start over and embrace your personality. So, follow the guideline and tips from this article and be the style diva with your attractive highlighted hair.

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