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How To Order A Feast For The House Party? Read To Know

A call for a house party with your group of closest buddies is all you need to spark your otherwise mundane day. After a long day of work, a house party is certainly much awaited. However, at this time, it is your responsibility as a host to keep up with the food, decor, games, and lots of fun. While one of the partners is all set to entertain the guests with nice drinks and music, the other one has to be responsible for food. If you are the latter one, then here are all the essentials to include in your menu. The delivery restaurants online can help you with it. Here is the menu that every restaurant can cater to. 

Slushie Welcome Drink

Give a warm welcome to your guests with a chilled welcome drink. And this time, unlike the regular syrups in the water, you can go for something new. So, visit the delivery restaurants online and place your bulk order for fruit slushies. Either order a similar slushie with all being orange or watermelon. Or you can bring home varieties of slushies to give people enough options to choose from. If it’s the magical summer in your city, then this iced drink can be a great welcome for the guests. 

Munching With Nachos And Fried Food

No one wants to jump to food right after they arrive. For this, nachos, fries, honey chilly potato, and crispy corn can be the ideal choice. These light snacks can be ideal during the rummy games and lots of gossip. Count the people and order accordingly from the delivery restaurants. 

A Table For Sweet Tooths

This is surely going to be the most favorite part of the whole day because everyone loves some kind of sweetness. Here we are not talking about the chocolates or candies. Here you can put a small center table basket with donuts in it. Visit the delivery restaurants online and order a basket full of donuts. These can be in several varieties like chocolate donut, white chocolate donut, sprinkler donut, berry donut etc. Savor these during the gossip sessions to keep yourself full and going for long hours. With this, you can even put a stand of French toast sticks to add to the munching hours.  

Starters To Serve

To get the feast started, starters are a must. Begin with serving soup bowls. Presently, broccoli and almond soup are getting much appreciation. Secondly, you can go with three to four plates of starters like paneer/ chicken chilly, Manchurian, chicken leg piece, paneer sticks, etc. These starters taste the best at all times. In fact, you can also place the siders of alfredo pasta or chow mien. Everything in this starter’s menu is likable and easily available at the delivery restaurants. 

Dry Main Course

Are you planning the home reception to be as good as the party reception? Then you must organize your order accordingly. One of the ideas of it is the dry main course options. Here you can include tawa sabzi, lady finger, ker sangri, curry pakodi, and paneer. Such typically Indian varieties can never fail. In fact, many people peculiarly place orders for such main courses from delivery restaurants because only desi food can be the perfect dinner for them. As adults, we begin to like such food more.

Gravy Main Course

With this, gravy main course is also equally fun to eat because it gives more loops to spices. So, order from exotic gravy sabzis like paneer lababdar, malai kofta, curry etc. And do not forget to put dal fry and dal tadka on the menu because it will always be special for the desi people. Order from the best and nearest delivery restaurants in town to get served with the meal in no time. At last, your efforts will only be limited to how you serve this market-ordered gravy in your precious cutlery. Also, make sure that what you order fits the quantity of how many people you are serving. 

Indian Breads

Making chapatis for a party of fifteen people at home is highly impractical. This is why it is better to place orders in bulk from delivery restaurants. Here you will find any option of bread, including phulka, chapati, naan, laccha paratha, etc. Make your choice from the given bread and order for all. And every home today has a microwave to serve it hot. 

Rice Options

And along, you can place an order for rice accompaniments. After all, the varieties in this are going to be loved by all. So, order the amazing rice options from the delivery restaurants. Jeera rice, pulao, biryani, and fried rice are among the common must-try options. You will love it for sure. 


End your house party on a good note with serving desserts. For this, you can order ice cream buckets and serve the scoops in fancy glasses. Or you can order sundaes from the delivery restaurants. This last moment will surely be worth remembering when you discuss the happening night with something sweet in hand. 

This is how your house party will be a success. You do not have to create a whole browsing history to find delivery restaurants. Instead, you can head straight online to Swiggy. This online place has every restaurant in the city on board. Find your favorite one online or search for some new options. With this, your party will be planned in a matter of an hour. Collect your delectables and serve them right. This is how you will be called a great host of the night. 

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