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How to Preserve Natural Appearance Through Hair Transplant.

Everyone loves their natural appearance but nowadays because of hair loss or hair fall problems people are losing their charm but no need to worry we have a solution for your problem. You should go for hair transplant surgery to gain your natural appearance back or even better.If you are thinking in the old way that this can be dangerous or you can’t afford the hair transplantation price then no need to worry because with the help of latest tools and techniques your surgery is completely safe and at reasonable prices. But for this you need to select one of the best hair transplant clinic.You might be thinking that will it be helpful? Will it give you a natural appearance back or not? So let me tell you the answer to all your questions is yes, a hair transplant will definitely be helpful for you and it will give you your natural appearance back. The results of a hair transplant will be so good and perfect that even a barber or hair stylist can’t state that you have done something with your hair.

Results May Vary Because of Doctor

Ya, these advanced tools and techniques help in getting your natural appearance back but the experience of a doctor is also very important. If a doctor will be an experienced one then he will know what will be the best for you and will guide you in a proper way. So, choose a doctor who deals with hair problems and hair transplants regularly and is experienced in this field.You can refer Dermatologists as they are specialized and deals with skin, nails, and hair problems. So they have enough knowledge about hair problems and hair transplants and will guide you to the best proper treatment and will also tell that you are suitable for hair transplant or not. You can choose the best Dermatologist in Jaipur for the complete guidance and proper suggestions.

How You Would Know You are Suitable for Hair Transplant or Not?

Gender cannot state that you are suitable for hair transplant or not whether you are male or female both can get hair transplant treatment.There are only two things which are to be considered for hair transplant:-

1. You should have enough healthy hair on your scalp which can be transplanted to the areas where there is need of hair.

2. Thinning area of your scalp must have the ability to grow hair.

So when you visit dermatologists confirm the above two points from them so that your dermatologists will guide you through complete scalp examination.You may need a blood test if you wanna know why you are having this hair fall problem. By taking a blood test you will get to know what is going on in your body and why hair fall is going on. Or you can follow a procedure called scalp biopsy. When you will visit your dermatologist they can take whatever is needed for scalp biopsy during the process of consultation only.By this test, you will get to know that you are a good candidate for hair transplant or not and before the test results also your dermatologist can tell that what results you should expect from this test.

During the Hair Transplant Surgery What Will Happen?

It takes around 4-8 hours in a hair transplant surgery but if you want to have a hair transplant at a larger area then you may have to return back the next day for a few hours. There are many patients who prefer to stay awake during the transplant surgery but the anesthesia is given to them so that their scalp gets numb but some patients are given a mild sedative which helps them to be relaxed.When your hair transplant surgery begins your dermatologists will firstly start removing hairs from scalp so that you get natural results. There are two process to start the surgery i.e. hairs can be removed either by cutting a strip of skin along with healthy hairs or they can remove individual hairs. But the second process takes time but it will definitely avoid leaving a long narrow scar on your scalp. So if you want you can ask your doctor to proceed with the second process.Surgeon starts hair transplant surgery, but before that technicians prep for removing hair and the surgeon gets your scalp ready for the surgery. There will be a team for transplant surgery in which 2-3 members will be there to help the doctor in placing the hairs at the place where your scalp needs hair and rest depends on numbers of hair transplant. Your scalp will be bandaged after the surgery and will be given some instructions to follow which you need to take care at home.

When you will See the Results of Hair Transplant Surgery?

According to the study, you will have to wait for the results up to 6-9 months after the surgery is done but in some cases, it takes around 12 months. Let me make you aware that after 2-8 weeks your transplanted hair will start to fall out and there are chances that by the 3rd month you may notice that your hairs are thinner but no need to worry as this is a part of the procedure and is normal.So above was the process by which you can preserve your natural appearance through hair transplant and what all things you need to take care during your hair transplant surgery and by what time you will get the results of your hair transplant surgery. So what are you waiting for go ahead and talk to your dermatologist and take the treatment.

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