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Cute and stylish within the budget

I want to share some top tips and secrets about how to look stylish, cute and fashionable within the budget. These are the best tips to look good without breaking the bank.




Clean out your closet often. I always go through my closet. If there is something that is really in good condition but I no longer feel comfortable in it give it to someone else. Just keep those things in your closet that make you super excited and happy. So keep in your mind to clean your closet and keep those things that you love. So you are left with only those things that fit you the best and you look stylish in it. Get rid of the things that you do not love and want to wear anymore. Sell them, make money out of it so that you may have money for new clothes.




Accessories; handbags, shoes, belts, jewelry, sunglasses can stay in style and stay on trend longer. I feel a pair of good sunglasses can add up to your look like super edgy or cool so it is really simple and you do not really need to think about it a lot. Lookup for the mid-range of accessories and look more hot and trendy.





Pick up a certain pattern or a theme that really defines your personal style and stick with that pattern. Buy your dresses in that color range, in this way you can really create some cool collection.




When you are out shopping and you see some trendy and cool outfit, try to think of three different ways or three different outfits you can pair it with to create three different looks with it. Personally, I like to buy things that I can wear over and over; you can wear one t-shirt with different sweaters and uppers. In this way, you can make most out of your budget, wardrobe, and money.




Once you have those basics and once you have those neutrals it is really fun to start adding really trendy items or things you really want to try out to maybe to make it your personal style or to make you look unique. I get inspired by really high-end designers but I do not like spending too much on big BRANDS or I think it’s not going to be trendy for more than a couple of months so what you can do is you can keep looking for discount coupons and vouchers. Keep a check on seasonal sales and take the benefit of online shopping discounts. This is not going to break your bank account and you will be wearing trendy and stylish as well at the same time.




Find some great basics and some great neutrals to keep in your wardrobe. Things that are stable and you can reach out for day after day or week after week and you know you can create really cute streamline and put together outfits with those neutrals pieces. Like I do a lot of white pieces; white jeans, white t-shirt, black, brown. Any of the neutral colors even if it has white stripes in it, keep it in your wardrobe. This will make your wardrobe really stylish. Wear those neutral colors with blue jeans, with really some cool heels, cool belt and jacket and you have a really stylish outfit.

My Verdict

I hope you guys enjoy these tips. I think if you put these tips towards your shopping habits or towards your closet in general, it would be easier for you to get ready in the morning, you will feel a lot more confident and stylish.

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