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How To Stay Up To Date With Latest Fashion Trends: 7 Tips To Try

What was on the top of the trend chart yesterday may not be in vogue today. Yes, you got it right! We’re talking about fashion, the ever-changing industry. It’s a good idea to stay up to date with fashion trends because obviously, you would not want to walk around looking square-toed.

Keeping pace with new trends in casual and designer dresses is the key to creating a trailblazing statement. However, it’s not that easy, especially if you are busy with work most of the time. So, what’s the solution? It is one of the most common questions that pop into every woman’s head when she finds it hard to hop on the constantly changing styles.

Today, we’re going to knock off all your doubts with our favorite tips on how to stay fashion-forward. Because we want you not to give up on your love for fashion and be the most stylish person in the room 🙂

Let’s get started!

How To Stay Up To Date With Latest Fashion Trends

7 Best Ways to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends

Be The Part Of The Gala Fashion Week

New York, Paris, Milan, And London – are the big 4 cities where fashion week happens twice a year, giving folks a chance to feast their eyes on exclusive, exotic fashion trends. From spring/summer to fall/winter, the fashion week previews styles for all upcoming seasons every February and September.

Almost all the renowned designers from all over the world display their works of art on runways. Not to mention – many upcoming designers also make their debuts during fashion week.

Each city gets its own week; you can check the upcoming dates online in advance. If the fashion week in your city is not open to the public or you’re not free to attend, the live stream is a great option. What’s more? Fashion magazines, fashion news channels, and bloggers also cover the show widely, meaning you’ve myriads of ways to sneak peek into the fashion week’s styles and trends.

Binge Watch OTT Fashion Shows

Thanks to Netflix, you can watch a wide array of fashion-oriented shows for a good dose of inspiration. Think of Bridgerton, Emily in Paris, The Bold Type, Schitts Creek, and many more; they have perfectly shown their fictional characters in showstopping styles that motivate us to update our wardrobe to a new brilliance.

So, if you’re not sure which direction to go in for the right inspiration, your favorite Netflix characters dolled up in avant-garde casual and designer dresses can fire your imagination.

This dramatic red high-low tulle dress worn by Emily in season 2 of the show “Emily in Paris” is proof that Netflix’s characters never fail to impress us with their best fashion moments.

Binge Watch OTT Fashion Shows

Scroll Through Social Media

Social media is the big thing today. If you’re all heart at staying in line with hot fashion trends, it’s the best place to start. Follow your favorite designers, celebrities, models, and fashion influencers on Instagram to know what’s in vogue.

Consider Tarik Ediz’s official Instagram, for instance. They always share their upcoming designs on their handle before they even hit the runway. Following such accounts can help you learn the nitty-gritty of fashion and the styles that are all the rage. In addition, you can also find your inspiration on Pinterest. There are tons of exclusive looks on there from millions of people, that you can behold for better ideas.

Subscribe To The Best Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines have always been women’s, first love. Now that they have taken the digital form, you can easily get the most out of them and pick up on an array of things centred around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Some of the most popular and credible publications that cover celebrities’ fashion news, fashion week updates, and upcoming style trends are:

  • Vogue
  • Elle
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • InStyle
  • Who What Wear
  • Glamour
Subscribe To The Best Fashion Magazines

Read Fashion Blogs And Newsletters

Blogs, the spring of information, can help you get an insight into what trends are loved by different people. You can search for the latest trends based on season, events, age, body shape, etc.

Many fashion websites and brands also offer newsletters, signing up to which will let you enjoy the fashion updates direct in your email inbox.

Bonus? These blogs and newsletters also provide you with tips and guides to style for a particular occasion and cut a dash.

Check Out Celebrities’ Styles

Have you ever seen any celebrity in an outdated outfit? Of course, not! In fact, they are always the first to adorn trendy attire. It’s not because they have a professional stylist, but because they have a good sense of style.

From glamorous red carpet appearances to chic street style looks, celebrities inspire us in many ways. And now, with the rise of social media and paparazzi photos, you can easily check out your favorite celebrities’ looks.

But remember, you don’t have to look for exactly the same celebrities’ style. Instead, find something related and add your own twist to create the personalized statement of your dreams. Good News: You can easily get your hands on celebrity-inspired styles from popular designer lines. For example, Tarik Ediz dresses feature the most contemporary red-carpet-worthy styles at affordable prices. Choose the *one* according to your body shape to strike the stunning pose.

Check Out Celebrities’ Styles

Go Window Shopping Often

A fun yet simple way to keep a tab on recent fashion trends is window shopping. When you step your feet in a best fashion store, you’ll see tons of new styles hanging all around like a feast.

A far easy idea: invest a little time in e-window shopping. Check out the best online fashion destinations and explore their recent collections to get an idea of the trends that are on the top of the fashion chart.

There you have it – all the incredible ways to stay up to date with newfangled fashion trends. Now that you already know about them, it’s time to take action. Based on the tips mentioned above, start shopping for stylish outfits to revamp your wardrobe to OTT.

Don’t forget to browse through the collection of Tarik Ediz dresses 2022 to get your hands on all the hot styles you have been dreaming about.

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