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Hairootz Eva Review : How to Stop Hair Fall with Hairootz Eva Tablets

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We all know that to look great, your hair plays a very important role. There are various reasons for hair fall. Let’s learn about the reasons which actually make your hair to fall:

How to Stop Hair Fall with Hairootz Eva

Reason Of Hair Fall

Hair Loss is a very common condition and affects more than half of the adult population. It is seen in both men and women. Hair loss can occur mainly due to any of the following factors – Pollution, Stress or Lack of Nutrition. These can cause the hair to become weak, dull and lifeless; thus accelerating hair loss.

Why Does Your Hair Require Nutrition?

When comes to hair growth, nutrition plays a very important role. When you eat different nutrients, your body doesn’t immediately target it for hair growth. Instead, it pools its available nutrients together and based on its needs at that time appropriates nutrients where they are needed the most. So if your diet is lacking in protein, iron, zinc or biotin; the available nutrients will be used for more vital bodily functions instead of hair follicles, thereby starving the hair of required nutrition. Moreover, pollution has ill effects on your hair follicles by oxidising them, which needs to be counteracted by supplementation of specific antioxidants, present in HAiROOTZ EVA.


Dr. Reddy’s launch HAiROOTZ, Its the first hair growth supplement to be marketed in India. its especially created for people that face the hair fall problem. HAiROOTZ EVA is a unique product that solves all our issues related to hair loss and enriches them internally. HAiROOTZ Provide content which has biotin which strengthens roots prevents hair breakage and hair fall. It also has Grape Seed extracts which are rich in Vitamin E which increases blood circulation in the roots which enrich hair internally which in turn reduces hair fall! It also rich in Iron, Calcium, and Protein which adds to the strength of the hair and helps to stop production of harmful hormones in the body.

How does HAiROOTZ EVA work?

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HAiROOTZ EVA is a gelatin coated tablet (Softlet), which contains Biotin, Folic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamins and Minerals. Biotin and Folic Acid helps in preventing hair fall by providing weak hair strands with essential protein needed for growth. Vitamins and minerals helps to nourish brittle and greying hair. HAiROOTZ EVA also contains grape seed extract which has 20 times more effective anti-oxidant to fight the ill effect of pollution, which has adverse effects on hair follicle.

How Long Will It Take Effective After Starting HAiROOTZ EVA?

At any time, about 90% of the hair on a person’s scalp is growing. Each hair strand has its own life cycle. This may get influenced by pollution, stress and lack of nutrition. Hence, it is important to provide sufficient nutrients to the hair so that your hair remains in the growth and transition phase for a longer period despite so many adversities. After taking this for 3 months, significant reduction in hair fall is expected, because less hair strands will move into Falling Phase prematurely.

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I have been taking the tablet since 3 months now and I visibly see the difference. Everytime I used to wash my hair and comb, I used to have a mess of hair beneath me. It literally scared me. But ever since the time I  am taking HAiROOTZ, my hair quality has become so much better. All you have to do it purchase the supplement and take one soflet daily for 3-4 months.

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