How to Style Statement Earrings

No outfit’s complete without jewelry. But even if you like wearing baubles, you might not know how to style them in the way they’re intended.

That’s especially true if you want to make statement earrings part of your day-to-day look. These accessories seem to trend year after year, but they’re not always easy to add to your look.

Luckily, we have a few tips to help you select and wear the perfect set of statement earrings every time the mood strikes. Follow these steps to take your look to the next level — all thanks to a pair of stunners hanging from your ears.

1. Highlight a Color in Your Outfit

If you’re wearing an outfit with a colorful pattern, you can use it to inspire the shade of statement earrings that you wear. For instance, let’s say you’re wearing a plaid dress with purple, green, blue, and yellow stripes.  You can pull any one of these colors and wear a statement earring to match it.

Doing this will highlight the accent color with which you’ve chosen to accessorize. So, think outside of the box: you don’t have to pick the main color of your outfit to make a statement earring work. 

2. …Or Accentuate the Main Hue

Now, your look might not have patterns — it might not have much color variation at all. In that case, you can select a statement earring in the same shade to really make your outfit feel matchy-matchy.

You can even find statement earrings with multiple colors to match your outfit’s pattern. Check out for inspiration and dangly jewelry that will match just about any outfit.

3. Try a Contrast

Next up, you can use your outfit as inspiration in a different way. Rather than highlighting a color in your outfit, you can choose a contrasting shade to complement what you have on — and bring in a new shade. 

Have a look at the color wheel if you need help deciding what will look best with your outfit. Purple contrasts with green, while a turquoise shade will make red outfits pop. 

4. Choose a Neutral

Don’t forget that gold and silver earrings exist, too. If you want to, you can always select neutral statement earrings that will go with just about any look. 

That’s not to say these baubles will be understated, of course. A chandelier earring in gold or silver will draw the eye — it just won’t be in a shade that coordinates or contrasts with your outfit. The metallic hues will always go. 

Slide On Some Statement Earrings

As you can see, it’s not that hard to style statement earrings. In fact, you have a ton of options — at least one of which is likely to make your outfit pop. 

So, start playing with your pieces and seeing how your earrings look with different outfits. Soon enough, you’ll find the perfect pairing, and you’ll be a pro at putting earrings and outfits together.

Need more style advice? Check back with us for the latest in fashion and more. 

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