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How to Tone Your Butt: 3 Top Tips

You look so good, and many people point it out to you when you step out. But There’s always one problem area that you have that makes you a bit self-conscious:

Your Booty.

Nowadays, everybody has that booty, and you want it too. But you don’t want that fake booty. You want that all-natural, bonafide bodacious booty. But you just can’t seem to get it together. It’s time to learn how to tone your butt. Here are three important tips on how to get a big butt.

1) Get the Right Workout Plan

Despite all the Instagram girls looking like they work out in the gym for their butts, we know that they just do it for ‘the Gram’. If you want those naturally stronger glutes, you need the right workout plan. Remember to diversify your workout schedule so that you can avoid muscle memory. Here are a few exercises that you can start with:


The classic go-to for every butt exercise is the squat. You are going to stan with your legs shoulder-width apart, and come down until your legs make a 90-degree angle, as if you are sitting in a chair. You will do several rounds of this by taking one-minute break intervals. Squats are great because there are so many variations of them so you aren’t stuck with just one.


lunges work the same way as squats, except you will step forward and come down making a 90-degree angle with one leg while the other knee is barely off the ground. These are good for helping with knee strength as well.

Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks will have you on all fours, and with one leg you will kick back with your leg at a 90-degree angle, just like a donkey. you do one leg at a time.

2) Eat the Right Foods

When you want to get a bigger butt, all bets are off. It’s not just about the exercises. You want to also eat the foods that’ll it make that curve look even more pronounced. Superfoods like avocado and quinoa and fatty fish like salmon are some that you can start with, but there are other numerous foods that can aid you in your journey to a more voluptuous booty. The bottom line is that when adopting a workout plan, it’s twenty percent the workout and 80 percent what you eat.

3) Non-Invasive Surgery

When all else fails, you can consider getting the surgery. There’s no shame in it; you’re not getting injections or implants like the rest of them. It’s still all you. 

You can go to EMScuplt. “What is EMSculpt? A Non-Invasive Way to Firm Your Abs and Butt.” All you have to do is get the excess fat discarded through a non-invasive process. It’s just one more way hoe to tone your butt.

How to Tone Your Butt

Everybody these days what to have synthetic gigantic bubble butts, but you can never beat a natural-looking butt. Whatever way you choose to make it, make sure you’re happy with the way you look. Learn how to tone your butt the right way. For other interesting and informative articles like this one about women’s health and lifestyles, be sure to browse the rest of our blog.

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