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How to use the combination of henna and indigo powder for black hair color

You must be very eager to read through this blog or maybe even skim over some of the paragraphs. The eagerness is for colouring your grey hair black and incorporating them along with the rest of your hair. The black hair colour definitely makes you look younger whereas the greys, not so much. To do this, one of the main things needed are henna and indigo powder for black hair color, only if you are looking for a nonchemical method to have the essence of natural black hair colour, then you better read on.

This henna and indigo powder for black hair color is most evident for grey hair as it will absorb the colour better because it is not a chemical-based product, it tends to wear off quicker than chemical hair colours. Thus, you have to apply it regularly after a couple of weeks. Due to this regularity, opt for naturally produced hair colours. We know for a fact that chemically treated hair colours are very toxic for the locks and people have started living sustainably and prefer natural over artificial or synthetic products.

Before knowing the step-by-step procedure let’s know a few things about the henna and indigo powder

Henna hair color powder:

Henna is one of the primeval notorious herbal ingredients, which has been in habitude since time prehistoric for a lot of purposes. It is also known as Lawsonia inermis and the dried leaves turns into powder form. Henna is beneficial in terms of medicinal and hair nourishment benefits besides the common aspect of the natural henna color. Henna is known worldwide for various criterion, here we are using it as a natural hair dye.

Indigo hair colour powder: 

Indigo is also one of the oldest hair colours derived from the plant named Indigofera Tinctoria, through the fermentation of its leaves. Indigo in its organic form is one of the best hair dyes, it can give you that lovely indigo colour on the greys if you genuinely want a distinct hair colour. Otherwise, it is mixed with henna in accurate proportions to achieve a black colour. It is indeed very amazing to look at green leaves disperse the strong blue colour which is ultimately turned into hair dyes. 

Now we all did colour schemes, mixing and matching during our childhood days. To obtain a black colour, indigo needs a darker base to solder the blue colour, like browns or black to achieve a natural black hair colourTherefore, henna and indigo powder for black hair color is mixed jointly to give a black colour to those pesky grey hairs. Also, it is completely safe to use both of these natural hair colours as a combination, to be on the safe side do a patch test.

Steps to mix henna and indigo powder for black colour

Remember, the indigo powder works well on grey hair and those who have black hair should use at least 2-3 applications for achieving the true colour you desire. Depending on the amount of grey hair you have, colour accordingly because there are no chemicals used to speed up the process.

Follow these steps using Indigo’s natural hair colours for grey hair strands to turn into the black:

Step 1: Apply Indalo Natural Henna first, according to the length of your hair and the quantity advice. Mix it in a mixing bowl with lukewarm water. 

Step 2: Now, apply the well-made paste, not too clumpy or runny, from roots to ends. Leave it to air dry for 60 minutes.

Step 3: Then, rinse thoroughly with cold water only, and do not shampoo your hair right now as it will bleed the indigo colour and your desired colour won’t be achieved.

Step 4: Next, in a mixing bowl add Indalo natural indigo in lukewarm water according to the length of your hair and the quantity advised. 

Step 5: Apply the well-made paste, not too clumpy or runny, evenly from roots to ends. Rinse the colour after 60 minutes.

Step 6: Finally shampoo well to make sure no hair colour residue is left. 

After correctly following the steps to mix henna and indigo powder, dry and set your hair as you like it to be and reveal the gorgeous black hair colour you expected to have. Always choose the best quality hair colour which is totally natural and organic. It becomes a tedious job, but in the end, it is better to invest time, money, and product on a better outcome giving product and not use chemical black hair dyes achieving in 10 mins but degrading your locks.


Go have fun by experimenting and achieving the hair colour through these great Indalo products in a very sustainable way coming to you directly from nature’s goodness. The organic and herbal components of Indalo’s are the best in the natural hair products game. 

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