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How to Wash Your Hair Womens – 4 Simple Steps Female

Washing your hair is a regular activity. It goes beyond cleaning our hair and allows a general release of stress and uplifts our mood. But are you washing your hair the right way? Learn the basic steps to wash your hair the right way in this post!

Here are some hair care tips:

Along with dos and don’ts to make your hair care routine even more power-packed.

Oil your hair first-

Oiling is the first step, To prepare your hair for the wash, oil it 2 to 3 hours beforehand. An oil massage opens pores and enables better absorption of oil nutrients. Oil your hair from roots to tips and don’t massage too hard. You can use coconut , mustard or olive oil and even a combination for your pre-shampooing routine.

Dos of oiling –

  • Let the oil flow at the roots
  • Pour oil at the roots and gently massage from scalp to the top

Don’ts of oiling –

  • Don’t just oil at the tip or middle of the hair
  • Don’t massage too hard and for long

Rinse gently-

Hair rinsing is also an essential part in steps to wash your hair the right way. Start by rinsing your hair with lukewarm water. This will remove extra oil from hair and scalp and wash off dry skin on the scalp. It will further help open the cuticles,soften hair tangles and removes dirt. When rinsing, keep in mind to not start rubbing hair immediately but wait for your hair to be soaking wet.

Dos of rinsing –

  • Be gentle to your hair while rinsing and rub with soft hand
  • Use mild hot water to rinse

Don’ts of rinsing –

  • Don’t be in any hurry to remove hair tangle
  • Don’t start rubbing as soon as water gushes in, let water do its job first

Choose the right shampoo-

Now let’s talk about the most important part, the shampoo.

Selecting the right shampoo for your lovely locks may not be an easy choice to make. With hair shampoos, choose the one which suits you the best and completely compliments your hair. For example, if you have dry hair, the best way to wash your hair is using sulfate and parabens free shampoo. Similarly, for coloured hair, opt for one that keeps your color intact. In a nutshell if you have a rough, uneven or coarse hair then use a shampoo with moisturizer, for thin hair use volumizing shampoo so you keep more of the volume you have than these products, they are designed to leave less of residue on your hair, use shampoo with moisturizer for curly hair but choose the one without synthetic ingredients like silicone. Synthetic ingredients in shampoos damage the hair cuticle when used regularly, leaving the hair shaft exposed and potentially damaging your hair permanently.

Dos of shampoo –

  • Choose a shampoo according to your hairstyle
  • Try sticking to one brand or at least to two brands having the same chemical formulation
  • Shampoo at the scalp first then gently rub towards the tip

Don’ts of shampoo –

  • Avoid shampoo with synthetic agents
  • Don’t rinse with hot water

Apply conditioner-

Hair conditioner is applied after you have rinsed out the shampoo completely. It helps in retaining moisture and binding hair cuticles. Apply it evenly along the length of hair (but not scalp). Leave it on for a minute or so and then rinse it off with cold water.

Use conditioner after shampoo especially if you have a long hair. Conditioner helps in retaining moisture in the hair after the shampoo and most importantly, binds the hair cuticle after shampoo. Shampoo your hair then rinse with cold water, avoid rinsing hair with hot water. Once shampoo has completely rinsed out apply hair conditioner.

Dos of Conditioning –

  • Use conditioner after shampoo
  • Rinse conditioner with cold water
  • Spread conditioner all along the hair evenly and gently till the hair tip

Don’ts of Conditioner –

  • Unlike shampoo there is no need to leave the conditioner for long, just make sure conditioner is spread all over the hair and it’s ready to be washed out
  • No need to rub the conditioner on the scalp, scalp cleaning has been already done by shampoo
  • Avoid hot water rinsing after conditioner

There, now you know the steps to wash your hair the right way!

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