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How To Wear A Saree In Different Styles

Saris can be formal, sexy, fun, traditional and so much more. But wearing them in one style can make the most interesting and expensive look a tad boring. How about giving this seven yard wonder a different draping every time you step out?

There are numerous ways to drape up a saree in styles and concepts of a specific theme dressing, Saree draping can be very fun.

The basic draping up of a saree is also very easy, below is a detailed explanation of basic style saree draping before we start different unique styles of occasion based draping a saree.

The Basic Requirements To Wear A Saree:

  • Saree: A long 6 yard drape one piece fabric to wrap around the body. If you need a sarees then visit  Womensfashionoffers
  • Blouse: The essential need of saree, top wear which is almost like a crop top but in well fitting. Need Readymade blouse then check our Readymade blouse Collection.
  • Petticoat: Worn as bottom wear in a long inner skirt serving to carry the drape firmly. You can also Buy petticoat with purchasing any saree.


Tips To Remember Before Wearing Saree:

  • Always wear your petticoat firmly at the waist, so that the saree is tucked in properly without falling off.
  • Always put on Heals, or any footwear you desire to wear along the saree, before you start draping up, as this brings the perfect length draped around the body.
  • Use safety pins or clips to pin up pleats and sections where the drape is required to be fixed

7 Way To Wear A Saree In Different Styles For Special Occasions

1. Saree As A Gown


This style is comfortable yet very chic. It gives a classy look that can be a prefect choice for a cocktail outfit. These sari gowns are for those who don’t want to tuck in and drape saris the traditional way. Even if you step over the pleats and tucks, the sari-cum-gown stays in place.

2. Saree Over Pants


To look more trendy, you can options for the pant style sari. For this, you would need a pair of Jennings and leggings, crop top or choli and heels. Just start by pleating one end of the sari as you would want to drape it, pinning it up and tucking it into your pants at the centre and then the other end can be draped as a chunni across the shoulders in various ways.

3. Saree With Lehenga


Like traditional saree, one can wear lehenga style sari over a skirt along with a beautifully designed blouse. This look is achieved with the hole of several pleats tucked around the waist giving an illusion of a lehenga. This is an outfit for ladies who are not comfortable with usual draping and pleating that the regular sari demands

4. Saree In Mermaid Style


This style is suitable for almost all body types especially for the ones with a curvaceous figure. This kind of drape gives s slimmer look to the wearer. The lower portion of the sari is draped in such a way that it looks like a skirt and there are no pleat made in front. Pick a sari with a heavy pallu or embellished border for the mermaid style look.

5. Saree In Butterfly Style


Butterfly style is also known as the Bollywood style of wearing a sari. In this style, the pallu is made very Thin, such that the midriff or navel is visible. When thinking of wearing a sari in this particular style,  go for materials like chiffon and net.

6. Saree In Paithani Style


It’s also known as the sari style of maharashtra. Paithani style is different from other traditional draping preferred by Indian women. The sari is also longer and no petticoat is required. Pair this look with a nose ring and some jasmine flowers for your hair.

7. Saree In Mumtaz Style


Who doesn’t love Mumtaz’s saree from the hit song Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke from the super hit film Bramhachari? That retro look was so stunning that it went on to create a draping style by itself. The style involves draping the saree tightly around the lower body several times, so that it highlights your figure in the best way possible. Though it might not seem very comfortable to many, it still lends oodles of elegance and sensuousness to a newlywed’s look.

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