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How Your Pillowcase Might Affect the Health of Your Hair and Skin?

While you might think your pillow is the softest, fluffiest and the most comfortable thing in the world, the pillowcase you choose to put on it can do some serious damage to both your skin and hair, causing you to wake up in the morning looking worse than when you went to bed for your essential beauty sleep. If you care about your appearance and your beauty routine, it’s crucial to learn the negative effects a poor choice of pillowcases could have on the health and the look of your hair and skin, and what you can do to improve that important relationship.

How the wrong pillowcase could destroy your hair

Can pillows cause hair loss ??

Even though cotton is the most widely used bedding material, it’s a highly absorbent fabric that tends to wick away the natural moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. What’s more, your hair strands can easily get caught by the rough cotton fibres, which can often lead to breakage, split ends and damaged locks. Another big hair issue you might face while sleeping, frizzy hair and flyaway strands can also be attributed to the wrong choice of pillowcases. For this reason, it might be a good idea to upgrade to a silk or satin pillowcase, which will allow your hair to glide easily without any friction, preventing tangles and breakage, and leaving you with smooth and beautiful hair in the morning.

While drying out your hair, a cotton pillowcase can also soak up the natural oils your scalp produces that help you maintain a healthy shine, often leading to dandruff and a dry scalp. In that case, simply changing your pillowcase might not be enough. You need to incorporate an effective organic anti dandruff shampoo into your hair care routine to moisturise your scalp and get healthier and more lustrous hair.

How your pillowcase renders your beauty routine useless

If you’ve constructed a strict skin care routine you religiously follow every night, then you wouldn’t want to let it all go to waste by going to bed directly after you put on your beauty products. As your pillowcase can easily absorb those expensive skin care products you applied so carefully, it might be best to wait at least 30 minutes before laying down after your routine, and always use less absorbent bedding materials, such as satin and silk.


Similarly to your hair, the wrong pillowcase can also soak up the oils and moisture from your skin, as well as dirt, bacteria and any residual makeup, eventually leading to large, clogged pores, acne and breakouts, and even skin irritation and inflammation. In order to maintain a clean and clear complexion, and reduce the risk of developing certain skin issues, make sure to change and wash your bedding regularly (at least once a week) and remember to flip your pillow over every night to sleep on the other, cleaner side.

Apart from absorbing everything up like a sponge, a rough pillowcase can also pull and tug on your skin, and eventually lead to the appearance of premature wrinkles and fine lines, mostly around the sensitive forehead, mouth and eye areas. If you want to avoid these early signs of ageing, choose a smoother and softer material for your pillowcase, one that will be gentler and kinder to your delicate skin.

As we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, it’s crucial we do everything we can to ensure that what we bury our faces in at night is actually beneficial to our skin and hair, or at the very least, not harming us and undoing the time and effort we put into maintaining a beauty routine.

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