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Ideal breakfast for the best health of men

The food we eat is the fuel for the body on which all our biological processes run. Usually, a common man or woman has three main meals in a day (24 hours) breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and dinner at night before going to bed. Find here – Ideal breakfast for the best health of men.

All the three meals are necessary but if one had to choose the most important one that cannot be replaced or ignored is surely breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day hence, your mood and energy to do any work heavily depends on it. A very renewed proverb says ‘first impression is the last impression”. This theory fits perfectly the breakfast for the body and the mind.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast can set the mood for the entire day where even after hustling throughout the day, the person is still happy. Whereas other men are often found depressed and stressed almost every day from morning till the end of the day. This is why you will see not only general physicians but psychiatrists stress on taking a good breakfast. A conscious breakfast will elevate the health to a situation where men will not be required to take Fildena 100 from

Often men complain that if they desire to change themselves and eat a healthy breakfast, they get no options, almost everything around them is unhealthy. Is this the truth or an excuse like millions of others to shed one’s bad habits by men? Read the article till the end to get your answers.

Some of the healthy breakfasts


One of the most nutritious and easy to cook breakfasts is oats. The nutritional benefits and simple procedures make it an ideal breakfast. Just boil the milk or water and add oats to it. Mix it well and add sweeteners like sugar or honey, to make it even richer you can add a handful of cashews, raisins and other dry fruits. Talking about nutrition oats is the powerhouse of fibre and this makes it the best-promoted food by doctors and dieticians.

Being rich in fibre it does not gets digested itself but smoothens the walls of the intestine to allow smooth passage of broken-down food. Hence, the process of excretion finds no disturbance and constipation is prevented or cured. This boosts the metabolism and improves blood circulation and the overall mood is uplifted. Such a man need not BuyCenforce 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate.


Today’s generation people love munching their favourite hot dog, hamburger and sandwich. But have you imagined that the same sandwich filled with pork and a lot of fried elements if filled with green vegetables becomes one of the healthy breakfasts? Add favourite vegetables by chopping them into small pieces, then add mayonnaise or butter of your choice and some ketchup. Your healthy and tasty sandwich is ready that will charge you for the day and at the same time feel food to taste buds. Often it is said that healthy items cannot be delicious and vice-versa. Sandwich breaks this notion clearly as it is eaten by athletes, sportspersons and such fitness-conscious men. Another advantage that puts the sandwich on the list of ideal breakfasts is it is easy to carry nature. It is a non-liquid dish so, need to worry about any leak.


If you are looking for a protein-rich breakfast then eggs are best for you. Being a powerhouse of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the yolk, it has everything that your body and mind need to start the day with. But with eggs make sure you don’t take it in excess because that will create a lot of heat in the stomach. This can cause constipation, pimples, hair fall and grey hair and various skin and facial disorders. You can have eggs in various ways, the easiest method is to boil the eggs and sprinkle some salt and black pepper powder and have it.

Another method is making an omelette filled with vegetables and olive oil, avoid adding excess oil as it will make it unhealthy. You can also try scrambled or poached eggs, so the choice of cooking is dependent on the man’s choice. To reduce the heat of eggs, people have water-rich fruits like cucumber, guava, pineapple etc.


Smoothie is another tasty and healthy breakfast that takes less than 15 minutes to get ready. Smoothie is mainly associated with banana, mango or any fruit smoothie. Along with great tastes, it serves the purpose of giving you enough carbohydrates to work without being drained of energy. Carbohydrates provide real-time energy, unlike fats which are stored forms of energy. Do not add sugar as a sweetener in the smoothie as it will make you a possible diabetic candidate. It’s better to add honey or don’t add any sweetener because fruits themselves provided natural sweetness. Cenforce 150 Price will not be asked by men who take any of these breakfasts.

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