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Independence Day : Importance and Celebration 15th August India

In the whole universe, India is known for its culture and tradition. After ruled by British government India got freedom and, a new era started in India history. The day was 15 August 1947 and this day off for every people, schools and almost businesses are closed. it is a national festival and on this day firstly we pay homage to brave soldiers and leaders who fought for the national freedom and determined to gain freedom from Britishers. In 2019, this year, India is going to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day to pay tribute and memorize all freedom fighters who had contributed so much for the Independence of India.

Independence Day India Muslim Kids

This year India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day

Independence Day Importance:

For India, 15 August is the beginning of a new era.

The British rulers gave control to the country back to its leaders after an exceptional struggle which was a sign of glory in itself. The historic date was 15 August 1947 when India first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfolded the tricolor national flag on the Red Fort Delhi. The day is very important in India history as bringing a new morning with so many happiness along with the freedom to live. As the whole was aware of the different kinds of difficulties so they decided to raise their voice against the British rulers and organized rebel took place in 1857. This was a big challenge for the British government to face that breaks the root of rules. Such types of terrible incidents also took place in Bengal in 1943 which asserted up to five million lives. This disproportion towards Indian people further endeavored a lot to gain more Independence. After a decade we pretended to meet with destiny and, now times come when we will save our oath, not totally or in full calculation, but vary markedly.


The Independence Day of India celebrated throughout the nation with great enthusiasm which shows the development and power of the country. This day is supposed for the public day, people go for outing, picnics and so many outdoor events like musical concerts, air shows parades. In this upcoming Independence
73rd Independence Day, the celebration will be solid and amazing. The festive excitement is mainly felt from Delhi to across the nation. Which is going to be very notable in many ways.

Some special events which are going to held on this Independence day are below.

  1. This year also, The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has invited everyone to give instruction on his Independence Day speech. He has said to the people to give their valuable opinion through the Narendra Modi or Namo app.
  2. The former president of India, Mr. Pranab Mukharjee would be conferred with Bharat Ratna. Which is the India highest civilian honor on August 8th, 2019.
  3. On the occasion of 73rd independence day, The government has allowed the whole new elected panchayat head to make a festive event and unfolded the tricolor in their houses. There would be security to pay attention to the public to make this festival full of joy.
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