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Jewelry has always been a fashion statement for women of every age, race, and culture. It was mainly through jewelry that a woman would convey her moods or declare an enigmatic statement for the whole world to see and be mesmerized by it in olden times. As exceptional jewelry is for women, it is now seen as a hassle to carry around. 

The new Millenia has changed dramatically in many ways, and it has most definitely changed the concept of “Womanhood.” It’s no more like a life of being stuck and submissive; instead, the new world encourages women to explore and reinvent themselves on their own terms. The problem still lies that most women think of jewelry as shackles, binding them to an unwanted life. Fortunately, we woman folk know that it is wrong and that there is nothing wrong in loving jewelry, especially your kind of jewelry!

That is precisely what Fancime is all about; creating exciting yet simple ways for women to explore themselves through necklaces, rings, earrings, and much more. On their website, you’ll see how a modern woman or girl of the new dawn can buy unique jewelry that can be anything she wants it to be.

Infinity Collection: Only Takes You Above And Beyond

The Infinity collection of Fancime is all about long-lasting stories. Yes, traditional jewelry is a statement unlike any other full of a sense of luxurious nobility. Still, it is the modern, minimalist approach to jewelry that is getting more and more popular and attractive by the day. Why? The reason is simple; It is easy to carry yet gives off an elegant vibe that just completes your look totally. This collection is the depiction of the saying, “There is beauty in simplicity.”

The Infinity Collection is a range of minimalist necklaces at a very affordable price. Yes, you read that right. Fancime is not only all praise and glory; it also takes care of its customers by acknowledging today’s demanding and expensive market around the globe.

The Infinity Collection strives to bring a story with each necklace. A necklace has been determined to be the most intimate piece of jewelry for an individual. Over the years, we’ve seen it to be a statement of a woman’s emotional attachment or something she really feels strongly about. If there’s anyone who understands the project very well, then Fancime is the one.

Beautiful diamonds and stones only cut by expert hands into a refined and elegant piece are beautifully fitted into necklaces in the collection, each symbolizing something important. 

Following are some necklaces from their collection:

1. Ever Eternal Infinity Necklace

Ever Eternal is a beautiful and elegant infinity symbol necklace. Laden with 14K solid Gold, this minimalist necklace takes the show with its grace. The necklace, like its name, is eternal and symbolizes everything that is long-lasting, from faith to love. The imported pendant has an impressive 16 chain size and is fit for every occasion and day-to-day wear.

2. Moissanite Infinity Ribbon Solitaire Infinity Necklace

This solitaire necklace is laden with white gold and is shaped into a ribbon. At the end of the point lies a mesmerizing solitaire diamond. Not many of us can easily let go of the traditional jewelry trend, which is full of diamonds. This necklace makes the transition easier and swifter and provides a statement of infinity design joined with a floral sense. You can never go wrong with diamonds, my friend!


You can easily buy these and much more at their website. Click here to go to Fancime’s Infinity collection directly, where they are giving a 10% discount on their entire order using a promo code mentioned on the site.  

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