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Is Smoking Bad for Your Skin- Know All the Details

We all have been hearing that smoking cigarettes is harmful to our health and can cause harm to our skin. But is this issue the same as smoking marijuana? The question is simple to ask, but the plant marijuana itself is a complex plant. Even though people have been using and cultivating the plant for more than six centuries, research on how it affects our body is still sparse. There are still various doubts and questions about the effects of this plant on the human body. 

The legislation used for whether it is for recreational use or medical use is growing in the US. Even with the growing trend and use for marijuana, the state and the federal government still classify this plant as a Schedule I controlled substance. Although various plants such as OG kush seeds do not pose any significant side effects on the body, it is still better not to overuse them.

Is Smoking Marijuana As Bad For Skin As Cigarettes?

The ingredients that you will get in cannabis will be different from that of the tobacco plant. But each of those products induces countless chemicals that are similar when you smoke it. 

When you heat the leaves, making a blunt will release free radicals that cause damage to the DNA of the skin. Smoking marijuana can dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow, which causes bloodshot eyes. But before going through that process, the marijuana constricts them, just as smoking cigarettes does. The toxic effect that comes with marijuana will cause premature aging.

Many people do not know that marijuana is high in hydrocarbons. When it contacts the skin, it will damage the production of collagen. It is responsible for providing structural strength against air pollution and inflammation. However, when it causes damage to the collagen, it can make the skin age early by causing wrinkles. Other than that, there are various other benefits of marijuana that are beneficial for the skin.

Can Marijuana Treat Skin Problems?

Smoke makes skin conditions worse and causes diseases such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. But smoking marijuana is the only exception that can help you treat various skin conditions such as acne and other diseases.

The primary factor of the disease psoriasis is the swift growth of the skin cells, known as the keratinocytes. Recent research conducted and showed that cannabis could slow down the growth of immature cells. In other words, cannabinoids can also work as an effective remedy for the skin. It is beneficial for the skin conditions that cause excessive growth of the cell. Allergic reactions are the standard conditions of the skin.

This side effect is highly common in the case of eczema. There are various studies indicating that cannabis comes with properties that regulate the immune system, which efficiently reduces skin inflammation. There are also topical, anti-itching, cannabinoid drugs that will effectively treat chronic skin conditions. The OG kush seeds are something known to be very beneficial for the body that are effective for other conditions such as elevating the mood and getting rid of skin conditions. Other than the skin problems, Marijuana will take care of medical conditions such as:

Chronic Pain

There has been a study that took notes on the benefits of smoking marijuana. There is a report that shows the benefits of smoking for the management of chronic pain. Chronic pain is the primary cause of disability, affecting more than 20 million people in the US.


There is various evidence showing that oral cannabinoids are highly effective against the vomiting and nausea that comes after chemotherapy. Other studies also found that smoking marijuana will also make these symptoms less painful.

Multiple Sclerosis

The short-term use of marijuana can help you to improve the symptoms of spasticity amongst people who have multiple sclerosis, but the positive effects that you will get will be modest. Due to these benefits of marijuana, it is legal to use and consume in the US and the benefits of marijuana are all studied well and will help you to treat the medical condition.


We hope that this post has given a simple explanation to the question. You will now make the appropriate choices to minimize the negative health effects of smoking marijuana. It is always good to take things slowly and do research, you can take marijuana but it is better that you consult with the doctor beforehand.

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